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Study On Control And Coordination Mechanism Of Engineering Project

Posted on:2006-08-10Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y X SaiFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360152492521Subject:Structural engineering
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This paper takes project management as research object, knowledge hierarchy of the project management as the guide, standards of the project management as criterion. It proceeds from the stand of project management team and project manager, and regards managerial system of the project as the breakthrough point. Its longitudinal research focuses on the two major functions of project management-control and coordination. The lateral research focuses on the control and coordination of three major aims in the project. This paper probes into project control and coordination from different aspects and levels, and puts forward some solutions to the problems and distinct theory frame. The main creative results is following.First, the paper discusses the managerial system of the project, and analyzes forefathers' relevant views and opinions on the project management system. On the ground of analyzing the basic meaning of the subsystem, it sets up the frame of the project management system, builds up a platform for managing the project systematically, and implements control and coordination of the project.Second, the paper carries on the theoretical research of the control technology of the project. On the ground of summarizing other scholars' theory and analyzing existing theory of project control and technologies, the paper mainly does the following research work. Firstly, it analyses the concrete application of dark case method and feedback method of the cybernetics, and concludes that these two methods have offered a kind of effective thinking and method for the control and coordination of the project. Secondly, it puts forward basic theory of the project control, and believes that in project control one should standardize the participant's behavior at first, and then carries on technological control, which has offered core thought and philosophical foundation for the control of the project. Thirdly, it analyzes the basic idea of the project control systematically.Third, the paper carries on the research of coordination technology. At present, people think of coordination is thought of such concrete contents, as communication, exchange, meeting, etc, which has not been considerated in a theoretical height yet. On the ground of analyzing forefathers' definition, range and content of the project coordination, the paper mainly does the following research work. Firstly, it builds up the basic model of the project coordination system. Secondly, it endow the new intension to the coordination work, and suggests that coordinate technology includes notifying technology, consulting technology,linking up technology, negotiating technology and conflicting treatment technology. Through this integrated innovation, it will make positive contribution to project management. Thirdly, it discusses the concrete intension of five major technologies of the project coordination systematically.Fourth, the paper carries on the research of interaction relations among three—goalcontrols in project. At present, drawbacks in theory, technology and research result of systematic and integrative still exist. The paper puts forward ST, SC and SQ method of three major goals' control for the first time, and offers reliable technical support for quantitative analysis on the project controls. Secondly, it systematically discusses the interrelations among three major goals' control of the project, carries on systematic analysisfrom three respects—the interaction relation, joint control and synthesizing coordination.Thirdly, it suggests the three major goals' relation of project is unity of opposites. Antagonism aspect is that they influence each other. Unity is the relation of balance and interdependence. Fourthly, the paper carries on an overall analysis of the balance among the three goals of the project. Fifthly, it carries on the mechanism research of control and coordination. First, it discusses culture's function on the control and coordination. Second, it analyses the behavior's function. Third, carries on the mechanism research of the control, including...
Keywords/Search Tags:Construction project, Project management, Project control, Project coordination, Mechanism of control and coordination
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