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The Study On Effective Control In Project Management

Posted on:2005-05-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q B WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360122485704Subject:Technical Economics and Management
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Projects invested by the government or nongovernmental organizations increase along with the development of Chinese economy. Project Management, as a burgeoning branch of management study, has got broad application and development in China. Whereas departures from the project objective happened frequently owing to the mistakes caused by managers themselves or the immaturity of Chinese Project management theories, which results in lots of unnecessary losses to the enterprises and the country.Current departures from project objectives in China, revealed by investigation, are mainly because the project managers carried out remediation to correct a certain target warp in the process of management without concern for the effects, which influenced other targets of the project, and at last resulted in runaway of the whole objective system and project failure. While at present in-depth and mature research conclusions have not come forth about estimation of the significance and precedence of project objectives and sub-objectives, as well as the effects by the remediation scheme to the whole objective system.First of all, this thesis analyzes current situations of Chinese project management and problems in existence, along with basic methods and problems of the project objective control. And based upon that the measures of effective control to the whole objective system are discussed, an effective control system model established by way of Layer Analysis, significance and precedence of objectives and sub-objectives in different time spots within the project process analyzed, and advantages and disadvantages of substitute schemes of the project to the integral project objective judged. Thereby a scientific and rational method controlling the projects comprehensively is presented for project managers.Project objectives are correlative with each other. While that how the correlativity affects the whole objective system, and how the solutions to the questions influence the project objective system, affects effectiveness of the project control all along. However it is unable to be quantified. The layer analysis model established in this thesis attempts to analyze the correlativity among the project objectives and sub-objectives, and quantify the effect to theobjective system caused by the correlativity and the substitute schemes. It is hoped to be of help to project managers in China.
Keywords/Search Tags:Project management, Project objectives, Control, Layer analysis
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