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Research On The Irrigation Management Institutionof Seasonal Shortage Of Water In South Irrigation District

Posted on:2006-04-12Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360152493831Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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Though the water resource of our country is abundant, ranking the sixth place in the world, but the occupancy volume per capita is insufficient, it is only 1/4 of the world standard, is one of 13 countries which lack of water. With population's growth, the expansion of the city and industry, water resource shortage has already become the important restriction factors of economic development and people's lives.Because the distribution of space-time of the rainfall and difference of assigning within the year, it is not extremely even that the water resource is distributed in the area, water resource is abundant in the southern , but it is poor in the northern, even in some areas in the South, though the rainfall is abundant, there is seasonal lack of water because of the distribution of the rainfall within the year is unevenly, arising from this, not only the water logging during the early of summer and late spring, but also has arid anxiety in the autumn days, we can say that the water resource contradiction arising from it this is not second to the North. We solve the shortage problem of water resource with the aid of the project and technology means traditionally, but it is uneconomical to invest newly-built project because of the shortage of the water resource. Seeing that the agricultural irrigation water is the major consumer in our country, and the utilization ratio is very low, it is a common sense that we can save water by the way of management reform, and it also had promoted in the large-and-middle-scale irrigated district.It is still following the traditional irrigation management style in most irrigated districts, because of the household contract responsibility system and the setting-up of the market economy, the external economy environment of this kind of management style had changed, its drawback is obviously outstanding day by day, and become the serious restriction of improving irrigate water efficiency and the benefit of irrigation, therefore, under the circumstances of the tradition irrigate management, the impact on efficiency of water right , water price and irrigate organization system have important policy and practice meaning for our country, but the research in this respect mostly stay in the experience of the administrative staff of the water resource administrator, and lack ofsystematic research.In view of this kind of situation, this dissertation takes the Baitaqu irrigation district of Yingtan city, Jiangxi Province, a irrigated district character by typical seasonal lack of water, as an example, using normative and positive analysis, together with ration and qualitative research, we analyzed the impact on agriculture's water efficiency of the organization system of water price , water right under existing management mode, we also discussed how to use more effective system and policy tool to improve the operational efficiency , utilization ratio of the water resource and agricultural productivity of the irrigation institution, offered basis for reform of the irrigation district. According to the purpose of studying, four hypotheses are offered.In order to achieve the goal of studying, we carry on a lot of discussions with the experts and officers from Yingtan water conservancy bureau, Baitaqu irrigation district administration bureau and of Institute of soil of Nanjing ,CAS , finally five township (town) are chose along Baitaqu river. Also, a survey of peasant household carried on in the demonstration area of paddy field of the irrigated district and non-irrigated demonstration area. We interviewed with officers of the water conservancy bureau, irrigation district administration bureau too.The qualitative analysis of the data shows, the irrigation district rainfall is concentrated on it from January to the first ten days of July, and is obviously higher than evaporation capacity, the rainfall obviously reduces after mid-July, and is lower than evaporation capacity, causes the seasonal lack of water. This makes the downstream peasants irrigate less water than that of upstream. The positive analysis of technical efficiency indicates that early rice demonstrates high technical efficiency than late rice and peasants of the upper reaches demonstrate higher technical efficiency than downstream peasants.The administration bureau of Baitaqu, it is the commercialized management of public institution to in name, but not distinguished government affairs with that of the enterprise, have no power to manage the irrigation system, in addition to that, the water price is too low, make it have no ability to build and maitance the irrigation ditch.Water price policy is often considered as an important means to improve the utility rate of water and compensate the irrigation system, but there is no water price in the sense of economics in the irrigated district. In respect of collecting water charge, the traditional means of collect water charge according to area makes farmers using water at their will.The investigation indicates, the expenditure on irrigation is obvious less than other expenditure, but peasant have very limited ability to bear, the space which raises water price is limited. Under the way of collecting water charge, improve the water price can not change the behavior of irrigation; also, it is difficult adjust the production structure. More feasible choice is to reform the charge method, charge according to the volume and the supply cost, certain subsidies to peasant is needed, in order to promote the sustainable development of the irrigation district and the improvement of water efficiency.It is also indicates; besides collection way of water price, the system reason of wasting water have very close connections with water right. Because water right is not distinct, the peasants downstream can not supervise the using water of the peasants upstream, nor the water administration bureau. The water right of irrigation district is not defined distinctively, so who using irrigated water firstly near the canal, because of the attribute of public goods of the water, it can obtained publicly, the peasant will use water without thinking the benefits of others, thus cause excessively using of water, is irrigating the peak season of the irrigation, irrigating water demand increased obviously, the shortage of irrigating water is aggravated further, thus make these kind of competitiveness more serious, set up blocking , digging at channel , even steal water, so the large mount of water are wasted, the dispute between peasants obviously increase at the same time , form the situation in which the water resource is wasted and coexisted with water resource shortage, result in the poor efficiency use of the water. As a whole, as the respect of present manage system of irrigation district, water right is fuzzy, peasants have no right to manage water and lack the mechanism of coordination, results in the poor efficiency using of water, it is not a long-term and lasting irrigation institution, unfavorable to the sustainable utilization of the water resource, in fact, Baitaqu irrigation district is demonstrating the trend that is narrowing constantly. So, reform the system of irrigated district, weaken the right of the water administration bureau, emphasize the peasant's position and function in the water, will be the main direction of the reform.The theory model indicates, to promote the utility of water using, distinct water right and setting up water right trade system is the premise. Under present management system, this kind of improvement can not realize, because the peasants of upstream and downstream making decision on their own benefits, it lead to the waster of water. In fact, downstream peasants have fewer and fewer amount of water, the shortage of the water resource arising from it is exactly the inevitable development trend of the interests' conflict...
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