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Research On The Water Entitlement And Irrigation Organization Institute

Posted on:2003-10-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y X ZhouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360062495478Subject:Agricultural economic management
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Because the problem of lacking water resource becomes more and more serious, it has been taken seriously how to solve it all over the world. Traditionally, it was settled to depend on water conservancy and technique methods, but it has been made clear by many recent researches that development and management institute is one of the most important reasons for lacking water resource. With the contracting out system to be improving day by day in rural area, the supplying water institute by government, which was formed in planning economic system, has not been suit to other economic system, so it lead to lacking water and low utilizing efficiency. By analyzing the facts of China's water resource and traditional irrigation institute performance, starting from the reform of irrigation and water conservancy rights institute and basing on modem economic theories, the new irrigation institute models are designed that fits different conditions. Finally, the policies have been put forward for government.This paper has seven parts:Part one is the introduction that includes the reason to select this topic to research, a review of related researches, the framework, methodology, data resource of the research, and significance of the subject etc.Part two is a brief comment on the utilizing facts of China's water resource and its existing drawbacks. It has been analyzed for the extent of lacking water and the importance of agriculture irrigation in Shandong province.Part three is analyses of essential features of water resource that include natural and economic features, which influence the foundation of water entitlement and irrigation organizational institute.Part four is a comment on the theories about irrigation and water conservancy rights institute that include common-pool resource, externality, long-term cooperative game and water entitlement. Then, some institutes on allocating water resource and its implementing conditions were analyzed.Part five works out the structure of irrigation and water conservancy rights65institute. According to the facts of China's irrigation and water entitlement institute, the optimum right institute should be founded on the agriculture water right institute and irrigation infrastructure property institute. Second, it expounds and proves the relevant pricing system of guarantee and interest compensating mechanism.Part six is the selection of agriculture irrigation organization institute patterns. In light of the basic principles in forming Irrigation organization and comparison analyses of the performance in various irrigation organization types, we put forward the development patterns of irrigation organization that adapt to different geographical conditions.Part seven is conclusion and policy suggests. The policies for government in water management should be taken in marketing economic system, which can ensure the completion of reform of water entitlement institute and the operation of irrigation organization in high efficiency.
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