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The Peasants' Cooperation In The Village Water Irrigation

Posted on:2005-01-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360122492123Subject:Political Theory
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With the reforms of the rural economic structure and political structure, rural public goods have been supplied out-of-balance, and as one of the public goods the village water irrigation tends to lose its efficiency generally also. How to let the village water irrigation run effectively has become a great and realistic subject to the research department of the policy and academic circles.Regarding "contracting through dividing land into plots" as background materials, the thesis describes the changes courses of the water irrigation institution since people's commune in S village of J city, and analyzes the function character and compares the institution performance of the village water irrigation in each period, then has revealed the reason among them .The thesis suggests that based on the high organization people's commune achieves the mandatory and external peasants' cooperation, which demonstrates " the whole resources monopolization" and " zero-trades cooperation" characteristic on the village water irrigation. Under the household contracted responsibility system, the village and the group have experienced the change of overall planning way of collective economic resources from "sold by peasants and accounted by peasants" to "sold by peasants and accounted by village", who are unable to bear the responsibilities of the big water irrigation and lack effective resource control means to organize the peasants to restrict the peasants' free-ride behavior, so the existing village water irrigation has become "cooking a meal without rice" and fallen into bankruptcy. In this case, as a kind of institution innovation "contracting through dividing land into plots" sets up the responsibility structure in every plot and semi-property structure, and makes peasants pay and work without free-ride to overcome the dilemma of collective action and achieve peasants' cooperation and water irrigation supply. But it only offers small water irrigation to achieve the cooperation of a few peasants but is unable to come to the cooperation on the level of the whole village or above for most peasants to offer the big water irrigation effectively.On the basis of above-mentioned analysis, the thesis has probed into the problems about peasants' cooperation. The condition, content and form of their cooperation, the relationship between the village water irrigation and the peasants' cooperation, and means of obtaining of the big water irrigation are also discussed. At last, the thesis explores the impact of the reform of rural tax and toll on village water irrigation.
Keywords/Search Tags:the village water irrigation, the peasants' cooperation, the village water irrigation institution, contracting through dividing land into plots, the whole resources monopolization
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