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Study On Shaanxi Tourism Resources Decision-Support System Based On The Comparison Of TMIS And TGIS

Posted on:2006-03-03Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360152495785Subject:Physical geography
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When human being are going to information and digital period, after the 'Digital Earth' have been put forward, 'Digital Tourism' is coming on. 'Digital Tourism' in China is still in primary phase. It needs more thorough study. In this paper, based on 'Digital Tourism' , the content about tourism management information is studied deeply. Via this study, it offers information consult and decision-support for tourism governor and decision-maker. It has theory values and practice meanings in improving the level of tourism digital and intelligence, as well as in promoting the competing power of Chinese tourism industry.In this paper, there are four parts of content . In the first part, the researching background 'Digital Tourism' is discussed from the aspects of characteristics, age background, developing conceiving, existing problem, researching meanings and so on. Based on that discussion, the idiographic researching content, innovation points and researching meanings are presented. In the second part, the TMIS(Tourism Manage Information system) and TGIS(Tourism Geographic Information System) are studied completely and deeply. First, it is the integrative researching. Then, it is special researching from the travel agency management, restaurant management, tourism traffic and so on. In the end, conclusion and advice are educed to make technical base for the after applying system. In the third part, using the mass first-hand data of Shaanxi tourism resources general examination, based on the analysis and improvement of present TDSS, Shaanxi Tourism Resources Decision-Support System is established. And for driving the course of the digital tourism, attempting study is done in the two aspects of system whole designing and system physical realizing. In the last part, the researching contents of this paper are summarized, and the flaws in the course of researching are presented, so as to improve and perfect this researching.In this paper, the main conclusions are:Firstly, combining geographical science, computer science and tourism administration, subject intercross studies are done, and the expecting effects are gained. It uses theories and methods of these relational subjects, they are cartology and GIS, computer software designing, tourism management and so on. The study is about tourism information system especial TMIS and TGIS, and applying study results in practice. It is an innovation in study content. It has more theorical meanings and practical meanings at the same time.Secondly, in this paper, using the theories and methods of contrast analysis, mathematical and statistical analysis and system engineering, from the many aspects of tourism, TMIS and TGIS are analysed and studied deeply and entirely. At present, many experts have founded lots and lots applying system about tourism management information. These information systems are helpful for information management and operation development of tourism. But there are few scholars studying the multi-same-style system deeply and completely. The study of multi-same-style system is in the interest of perfecting system, building system and applying system. Via this innovating study, the differences and relations between TMIS and TGIS are educed.So, the author presents his views. First, for tourism applications system structure, some changes is needed, that is 'C/S(Client/Server) system is primary' should be replaced by 'B/S(Browser/Server) is primary' , and finally combining C/S and B/S. Second, carry through study and developing of system adopting module technic completely. It is for improving the system repeating-using and exploiture efficiency and realizing information sharing. Third, based on TMIS and TGIS, for boosting up tourism management, programming and decision-support, TDSS faced governor and decision-maker has to be established. Fourth, in the tourism application system study and building, system integration degree should be improved, building an opening and sharing tourism information system. Fifth, in the tourism information system study and building, the concept of 'taking person as root' should be incarnated, and must paying attention to culture.Thirdly, based on TMIS and TGIS contrast analysis, combining Shaanxi tourism resources general examination, using mass first-hand data, the practical, facing tourism managers and decision-makers Shaanxi tourism resources DSS has been built. It can improve management power and decision-making power of Shaanxi tourism industry. And it sets bases for Shaanxi tourism modernization and spanning development. The study and building of Chinese TDSS is just at beginning now. Few study of TRDSS(Tourism Resources Decision Support System) can be saw, especially the study of tourism resources DSS based on TMIS and TGIS comparing analysis. The Shaanxi Tourism Resources Decision-Support System in this paper is an innovation of theory, methods and practice. It has some theory value and application value, and it must be rather helpful for the development of Shaanxi tourism industry.Fourthly, based on Comparison analysis of the present TDSS, Shaanxi Tourism Resources Decision Support System is established, at the same time, some attempting studies are also done. In this paper, based on system application characters, WebGIS(World-Wide-Web Geographic Information System) double-servers system structure combining B/S and C/S has been designed for different application purpose. To cut the period of system exploitation, improve the repeating using efficiency, realize information sharing, ComGIS(Component of Geographic Information System) based on discreteness technic is applied in programmer and exploitation. To enlarge system application range, improve the level of system practicability and brainpower, ES (Expert System) is applied in structure and frame designing is also done. To improve system management and analyzing power for spatial data, three-S technique is applied in the system, it realizes storing and management different spatial data. The designing concept of 'taking person as root ' is going through the whole systemic designing course. Person is both protagonist and ultimately aim, both start and end. It is incarnated in the whole systemic designing course, that is the center of 'satisfying the need of user in time, quickly, exactly, completely' and reducing the workload of system designers, improving information sharing. These new thechnics, methods and concepts in the system building are an...
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