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On Drainage Area Economy

Posted on:2005-08-27Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360152965994Subject:Political economy
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Drainage area economy is a system of sub-regional economy based on the natural river system, with the distribution of resources as its core, such as manpower, financial resources and material resources. Human civilizations are all originated along big rivers, for example, the four ancient civilizations of the world. Nowadays, all countries in the world, especially the developed ones, attach much importance to the comprehensive treatment and development of drainage basins and rivers. Up to now, although the scholars at home and abroad have made achievements in studying drainage area economy, they pay much more attention to the study of developing and utilization "water area" and water resource rather than systematically analyzing the various factors of drainage area economy, this sub-regional economy; their analyzing the industrial zone of a drainage area is confined to "deltas", and never touches the study of rational industrial distribution and the complementary function of the upper, middle, and lower reaches; actually they have studied somewhat the development mode of a drainage area, but they seldom do the study of economic development mode and economic growth mode of a drainage area with the principles of rich resources and working in cooperation with a due division of labour; and their study is deficient in the aspects of the forming mechanism of the economic gap among the upper, middle, and lower reaches and the complementary mechanism during the synthetically developing a drainage area. China is one of the countries that boast the most rives in the world. So today to synthetically develop and treat the economy of a drainage area is a key task confronted in our rationally distributingproductive forces, developing economy, narrowing regional gap, and achieving coordinated economic growth. Based on the forerunners' study, therefore, it is urgent and necessary to discuss a drainage-developing mode suiting the situation of our country so as to improve the comprehensive development and utilization of our drainage area and the coordinated development of reaches.This paper is a systematic analysis and study of basin economy, directed by the stand, viewpoint and method of Marxism, based on socialist economy theories, using for reference the analytic methods in the western economics, especially adopting the combination of canonical analysis and positive analysis, and the combination of qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis centered on canonical analysis; adopting the combination of static analysis and dynamic analysis around the center of qualitative analysis; adopting the combination of macro analysis and micro analysis focused on dynamic analysis; and mainly adopting the macro analysis, so on and so forth.The first chapter serves as an introduction. Then the second chapter analyzes the basic theory of the whole dissertation, namely: the connotation, features, and development mode of drainage area economy. The third chapter discusses the strategic target and pattern of drainage area economy, and based on the analysis of the function and running mechanism of drainage area economy, a "growth chain" mode, suiting the situation of our country, will be put forward. The fourth chapter analyzes the rational distribution of the industrial zone of drainage area economy, and the adjustability of industrial structure; when discussing the rational distribution of a drainage area, this paper mainly applies the theory of working in cooperation with a due division of labor, based on the principles of "adjusting measures to local conditions, dividing the work reasonably, complementing the advantages, demonstrating the good points respectively, and developing together"; and in this paper, the author will put forward her own opinion on the choice of leading industry in a drainage area, etc. The fifth chapter discusses drainage area economy and the rational distribution of cities, mainly centering on the function of cities' growth pole, the reformation of property right, and the management of cities. The sixth chapteranalyz...
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