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The Economic Development Theory Of Marx And Sustainable Development Of China Economy

Posted on:2006-03-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360152497909Subject:Political economy
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Economic growth and development problem has not only been the always-concerned goal of our Party and government, but it is also Marxism economics, especially one of the key contents of its socialist theories, should be concerned about. At present, the high-speed economic growth that our country has been going through more than 20 years, the overall national strength increases further; the living standard of the people is generally improved. But we must see the quality of the economic growth of our country has not been high all the time; economic growth mode relies mainly on extensive scale still. What's more, environmental pollution and worsening ecological problems are even more serious. This puts forward a severe realistic problem in front of us: In the following 10-20 years, can the economy of our country realize sustainable growth and development? Whether this problem can be settled or not doesn't only influence whether our country will attain the goals of economy catching up with and surpassing and shorten disparity with developed country, but also determine the success or failure of the reform of our country and future destiny in China of socialism. This paper attempts to study economic development theory of Marxism, and, at the same time on the basis of drawing lessons from western economic growth and economic development theories, give some systematic analyses of economic sustainable development of our country. Besides summary, conclusion and postscript, this text divides four parts altogether. Chapter one: Introduction. This part mainly introduces the meaning of thesis topic, defines and differentiates the concepts of economic growth, economic development and economic sustainable development, and also compares Marx's economics with western economics on these concepts especially. Chapter two: main contents of economic growth and development theories of Marx. This chapter expounds theoretical system of Marx's economic development theory in detail. It is the key point of this text divided into three small parts altogether. Section one explains Marx's general theory about human society economic development mainly, points out Marx's economic development theory is generally the development of labor productivity and mankind itself. Section two analyzes Marx's economic growth and economic development theories about the capitalist society in detail. Through analyzing the nature, power, mechanism, and trend of capitalism economic growth, Marx point out there exists a series of contradictions in the course capital accumulation and labor productivity growth of "capitalist society". On one hand, it brings about high productivity and promotes the development of human society; On the other hand, it also has caused the destruction to land, resource and workforce again. Section three introduces Marx's argumentation about economic development of future society; and represents Marxism economics theory about human economy and social development under socialism. Chapter three: Review on western economic growth and economic development theory. This chapter, regarding Marx's economic development theory as the boundary, analyzes and appraises the economic development theories and the western economic growth before and after Marx. Chapter four: Establish scientific development view and promote sustainable development of our country. This chapter has reviewed the course of socialist economic growth of our country and economic development at first, summarizes the economic growth and development experience and lessons of our country, then points out the subject matter existing in the present economic development of our country, finally puts forward some countermeasure and suggestion of long-term economic sustainable development of our country. During the course of writing, this thesis employs the analytical methods of dialectical materialism and historical materialism mainly. In addition, this paper borrows western economics, such as normative analysis, empirical analysis and so on, and makes use of them. Regarding ec...
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