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Some Issues On Knowledge Agriculture

Posted on:2006-07-31Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360155458202Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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The general judgment of our agricultural development after reform and open up is: our country is a big agriculture country, but not a powerful agriculture country. For our country, the agricultural infrastructure is weak, agricultural population is large, and agricultural technology falls behind. All these clearly show that the development of our agriculture in the future shoulder heavy responsibilities. The coming of knowledge economy and the new international agricultural sci-tech revolution, as well as China's accession to WTO, make our agriculture to face a great challenge and opportunity. Evidence proved that knowledge agriculture is the development trend of future international agriculture. It is a difficult problem to every agricultural policy maker that how to realize technological progress, and move to knowledge agriculture in such lagging agriculture country. Then we do some preliminary research on knowledge agriculture.Knowledge agriculture is a new concept in agricultural economic management research. There are some transient researches on knowledge agriculture after knowledge economy research. However, international agricultural sci-tech revolution declares that sci-tech knowledge content of agriculture is increasing, and future agriculture will be knowledge agriculture, which is based on knowledge. On the base of research on the relation between agricultural development and technological progress, this article definite and analyze the concept of knowledge agriculture. It expounds that knowledge agriculture is a part of national knowledge economy system, and basic industry, service industry, information industry and knowledge industry penetrate into agriculture, i.e. the process of agricultural industrialization, agricultural service and agricultural knowledge is the process of agricultural knowledge content increasing and knowledge agriculture bringing about and establishing gradually. Knowledge agricultural industry system plays an important role in national knowledge economy system. From the view between improving agricultural productive element and expanding agricultural scratch space, knowledge agriculture system includes biotechnology industry, industrialized agriculture, blue agriculture, space agriculture and traveling agriculture, etc.Knowledge agriculture is the outcome of agricultural economy promoting and agricultural industry framework high-grade, and is the direction of modern agricultural development. The being of knowledge agricultural industry system depends on the pulling of development of agricultural knowledge and the polling of agricultural industrialization. These two powers change the structure of agriculture from the simple agriculture to the "big agriculture" including forward agriculture and post agriculture. Just because of spreading of industrial chain, the industry structure is optimized to be the knowledge supplying chain and knowledge agricultural...
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