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Research On Modular Enterprise Clusters Based On Capabilities

Posted on:2006-05-03Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z G WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360155958681Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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It is full of complexity and uncertainty in the new economic environment. Competition is unpredictable and technology changes so fast, the function and structure of products are becoming more complex, the demands of customers are rigorous, which make it difficult for enterprises to survive. The traditional organizational paradigms don't adapt to the new environment and it is necessary to set up a new organizational paradigm, which is modular enterprise clusters based on capability. It has the characteristics of self-adaptive and has a strong life. After summarizing the relevant theoretical research, we put forward a new organizational paradigm in this dissertation, the modular enterprise clusters (MECs) based on capability through the research on the enterprise complexity. It is meaningful both in theory and in practice to improve organizations' adaptive capability and competitive capability.Firstly, we analyze the component factors and the main characters of enterprise complexity, realize the fine trend of the industry division, and present a technical paradigm for adapting complexity based on modular disintegrating, modular cooperating and modular integrating. The paradigm provides a new idea to deal with complexity, and it is the research basis of the dissertation. MECs are the results that many enterprises use the paradigm to complete value chain of complex products. Uncertain and complex environment make organizational paradigm to tend towards uniformness, and it must be an intelligent, organic and complex self-adaptive system. MECs' vitality comes from the MECs' self-adaptive capability based on group intelligence and coevolving.Through analyzing the industry division and the value chain disassembly of complex products based on modular idea, we discussed the evolutive process of division mode and three integration modes, and concluded the advantage of MECs' division and integration. Sharing in profits and risk are the foundation that drives MECs' division and integration. Based on this, we proposed the content, the achievable path and the implementary process of modular strategy. Meanwhile, three symbiosis models of MECs are set up and discussed.MECs' organizational paradigm can be built up after auditing the enterprises' complexities and capabilities, constituting the modular strategy, constructing MECs' basic environment and structure paradigm. MECs' excellent operation lies on its basic...
Keywords/Search Tags:Modular Enterprise Clusters, Complexity, Modularity, Organizational Paradigm, Life Cycle, Enterprise Capability, Coevolving
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