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Study On The Theory And Practice Of The Agriculture Coupling System

Posted on:2006-07-23Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360155962239Subject:Physical geography
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The agriculture is the national economy foundation industry which has the important foundation function in the national economy. The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China pointed out that realization scientific development view, strengthening the agricultural integrated productivity construction practically are the important contents of the work about the agricultural and rural in 2005. The characteristics of agricultural production and agricultural resources urge to have the necessity moreover to have the possibility to carry on the coupling among the agricultural subsystems. Therefore, this article chose the type place‚ÄĒMaping town(located in South China, the traditional agriculture developed area) to carry out the theory and the practice research about agriculture coupling system based on the deficiency of agriculture coupled system fundamental theory and practice research presently. Based on the reviews and comments on the definition, characteristic and progress of agriculture, agriculture system and agriculture coupling system, this article elaborated the necessity and the significance of carrying on the coupling among agricultural system. The systematic elaboration is brought forward on the agriculture coupling system elementary theory, basic principle, driving force, coupling degree, structure, function, characteristic and so on. At the same time, take a case study about choosing the characteristic leading industry, designing the agriculture coupling system and analyzing the benefits of agriculture coupling system on Maping town. The controlling research about the agriculture coupling system development in 16 years is conducted by using the GIS technology and the SD model method. And then the optimal project and layout is put forward based on the benefits and simulation of agriculture coupling system in Maping town. The major research results are as following:(1) Systematic proposed the related theory on agriculture coupling system, such as principle,, driving force and so on. All these will be helpful to people form the better understanding on the mechanism and characteristic of agriculture coupling system in the practice.(2) It is the first time to choose the typical place in South China to development practice research on agriculture coupling system: in view of the actual situations of agriculture system in Maping town, the pattern of agriculture coupling system in Maping town is designed, and the analysis had proven that this pattern obtained the remarkable comprehensive benefits for three years development.(3) The controlling research about the agriculture coupling system in Maping town...
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