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Agriculture Eco-economy System And Agriculture Structure Adjustment---theoretical Study And Practical Analysis

Posted on:2002-06-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:P WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360032452907Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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After 20 century 90s,agriculture in china has been in a new stage. in this stage , agricultural products have been universal surplus and farmer's income increasing slowly. The agricultural production structure has been the most important factor that restricts the development of agriculture. Thus, the central government put forward a new train of thought that china must carry out a strategic agricultural production structure adjustment. What is called strategic agricultural production structure is the adjustment that on the altitude of whole national economy, in the circumstance of market economy, regards economic results as the central aim, mange agriculture as it is a industry, make agricultural management win considerable interest and agriculture gain essentially development. But the author think the theoretical foundation of this adjustment remain to be further explore. The adjustment requires a new theory to direct. Only this, can it gain the economic results. . ecological results and social results. This is important especially for the areas that have bad environment and low economic development level. This dissertation start from the agriculture eco-economy basic theory, through the analysis of eco-economy system's structure foundation and type, find the breakthrough in the basic contradiction of eco-economy system the contradiction between agriculture eco-system supply and economy system demand. Put forward a new theory foundation for eneral agriculture production structure adjustment, it is that any agriculture production structure adjustment is one of solutions that can relax the basic contradiction of agriculture eco-economy system, it is the altering of species group's critical value. There are two ways that can help achieve this altering, that is, alteration of circumstance and structure of species group. On this theoretical foundation, the dissertation put forward the agriculture eco-economy opinion of agriculture production structure adjustment, that is, this adjustment is a systematic project. The opinion concretely including: 1 Agriculture production structure adjustment must be programmed comprehensively and macroscopically, emphasize the regional features. 2 We must put into appropriate material and use suitable technology to improve the critical value of agriculture eco-economy system. 3 General agriculture production adjustment is a never ended process. It is carrying out along with the changing of economic demand. 4.. we must define a proper radio of energy and value during the agriculture structure adjusting. In the practical analysis ,the dissertation use the agriculture eco-economy opinion of agriculture production structure adjustment and gray liner programming.. hierarchical cluster analysis, analyses and adjust the agriculture department and region structure in zhangwu county. The conclusion is following words. 1.. In the agriculture department structure respect. (1) According to the coordination value, from the year 1978 to 1999, the changing process of agriculture department output value structure in zhangwu county can be divided into two stages. The year 1978-1993 is the first stage, in this stage, the plant output value is above 60 percent of whole agriculture output value, the coordination value is smaller than 0.5. the year 1994-1999 is the second stage, the plant output value is about 50-60 percent of the whole agriculture output value.
Keywords/Search Tags:Agriculture eco-economy system, Agriculture structure adjustment, Gray liner objective program, Cluster analysis
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