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Study On Ecotourism Based On Community Participation Of China

Posted on:2006-05-03Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:M TongFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360155968479Subject:Forestry Economics and Management
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In recent years, with the rapid development of eco-tourism, it is increasing at the speed of 15%-20% every year, and becoming a new trend and necessary choice of sustainable development of tourism industry. What it pursued is the harmonious cogrowth of travel destination ecology, economy and society. To guarantee and realize the validity of this goal, we must carry out community involvement and implement the eco-tourism based on the community involvement.The dissertation not only sets up and analyses the theoretical foundation of the community involvement in the eco-tourism development problem, but also offers theory, concrete research thinking and analytical method for the constructing model of eco-tourism on the latest research achievements of the sustainable development theory, the eco-tourism programme theory, eco-tourism management theory, the theory of the subjective interests and community idea theory of tourism industry.The dissertation analyzes the origin and development of community involvement in the eco-tourism and point that economic involvement is a single community involvement in the eco-tourism (or individual involvement phase) and community involvement has play an positive role in community development, which prompts optimizating and adjusting economic structure, cultural protection and improving eco-environmental awareness of indigent residents in the community. But community involvement in the eco-tourism also bring some negative effects to the community, for example, impact from external enterprises, example effect, residential weak awareness and institution problems. Because of the difference to the community involvement from government, scholar to resident, therefore, the factors and problems must be considered and programme directed against them should be put forward in the process of constructing mode of the community involvement.Compared with the eco-tourism activities in developed countries such as popular rural tourism in American and Europe and in developing countries such as eco-tourism of the community involvement, the dissertation offers reference for the community involvement in eco-toursm areas in China through using their successful experiences.The dissertation designs decision-making mechanism, interest distribution mechanism, eco-protection mechanism and evaluation system of the community involvement to build the eco-tourism development model on the basis of the community involvement from some basic principle of multi-win and taking human as a center.To construct decision-making mechanism, resident's involvement should be guaranteed, including the decision on tourism strategy, interest distribution and employment policy; to build interest distribution mechanism, direct and indirect involvement should be adopted; to create co-protection mechanism, community residents should involve protection to bio-variety and eco-environment; environmental awareness community residents should be cultivated; in addition, guarantee system should be concerned on aspect of law, system, technology and idea act.The dissertation advances evaluation system of the community involvement based on decision-making mechanism, interest distribution mechanism, eco-protection mechanism and guarentee system; establish four index system influenced community involvement; confirm the index value weight; choose critical index to establish index model of complex index and standard assessment through level analysis and how to assess effect and involvement degree. Moreover, the dissertation gives some concrete suggestions and theory.The dissertation puts forward a suggestion to eco-tourism model based on community involvement-establish macro-supervisory system oriented by government. Governmental role should show making law on eco-tourism and developing the third part strength besides government and eco-tourism enterprises as fast as possible to substitute the direct leadership of the government with them gradually as well as absorbing the foreign investment in the eco-tourism destination, forming the common involvement of the eco- tourism activity of outside enterprises and local community and merge the content of community involvement into eco-tourism attestation system. In addition, the community involvement system should be built in eco-tourism on the micro-level such as widespread community education, cultivating involvement awareness on eco-tourism, widening the channel of community involvement in eco-tourism, establishing investment system helpful tot the community involvement and development, setting up eco-tourism cooperative enterprises oriented the community residents involvement and carrying out infrastructure construction for eco-tourism etc. All these make eco-tourism theory model operative, based on the community involvement.The dissertation selects Wuying Forestry Park as a representative for pragmatic proof in order to prove the concrete theory model feasibility, to make the theory and practice combination and to realize the goal that the theory serves for practice.In a word, the dissertation carries on brand-new thinking and deepening, systematic study about eco-tourism and development in an all-round way of the eco-tourism community, tries to construct the eco-tourism development model that really promotes local community development of traveling destination and puts forward valuable theoretical foundation countermeasure and suggestion on the eco-tourism development and construction of eco-tourism community for China.
Keywords/Search Tags:Eco-tourism, Community participation, Decision-making, Interest Distribution
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