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The Research Of E-Government Management Model And System Establishment For Macao

Posted on:2006-02-11Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:D M XuFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360182970752Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Nowadays, the innovation of the Information Technology is used to accelerate in the implementation of e-Government among all Cities and Countries in the world, it is known that the public administration information would be processed by the utilization of telecommunications network and computer technology, in which would reinforce the better interactive communications between Government and Citizen, would improve public administration service, would perform the reform of the administrative regulation authorization, would make the work flow better and would have to seek more efficiency way for executing the management of Government work and as to achieve overall socio-economic benefits. Therefore, the development of the e-government not only have been remarking the public administration innovation, together with examining the competitive level between the Cities and the Countries, but also a hot topic for the public sectors among countries, IT industries and academic body to do research. This paper is in line with the Government policy that Mr. Edmund Ho, the Chief Executive of Macao Special Administrative Region to promote the innovation and the development of the e-Government, as the direction for improving the reform of public administration for Macao, to make the innovation research for the e-Government system establishment and its management model, with undertaking the particular situation on the community of Macao, by working hard on the study of the e-government theory from expertises and on the analysis of the sound experiences on the development and innovation of the e-government works all over the world, in order to achieve the overall objective by making up a specific service-wise public administration with high efficiency and high availability manner for Macao. This paper showed the development of e-Government will be toward the service-wise public administration. It began from talking about the reform of government duties, and described how the traditional public administration will be changed to service-wise public administration owing to the development of e-Government, and the government duties style will be changed to service style, i.e. its management style will be changed to service style with a transition from making bias on management changing to bias on service for government duties. This paper also showed the current status of the public administration hierarchy, the achievement from the reforming the public administration and fundamental of developing e-Government in Macao, saying that it have well conditions and the difficulties during the development of e-Government and stated that the way has to go into reforming of e-Government for Macao. In accordance with the research remarks, this paper recommended, by learning the successful sound experiences from the e-Government expertise in the advance countries with undertaking the particular community situation and the reformed strategy of Macao, four innovation points that they are inter-actived to have self-development themselves as: to make up a way for Macao specific service-wise public administration together with the Chief Executive Officer, CIO post to reform the administration system and to set up the management policy for the e-Government system platform for Macao. It also pointed out the benchmarks for the leaders and the civil servants for the working on the CIO administration system, as well as to improve the operational system in order to enhance the living standard for Macao. And to suggest the e-government work has to be in a more management innovative way. It has to make an establishment of the 3rd party Project Management with One Stop Service in which would enhance workflow of the government work, would reduce its public administrative expenditure with the "small step going quick"and "achievement first"principles. And to make up the design and the configuration for the platform of information management system for Macao e-government development, in which has to make sure the network security, in order to co-work and to support with the implementation of the new e-Government management model with high efficiency for Macao. And to recommend, at this point in time , a better approach on Digital Macao, in order to enhance the Macao e-Government more successful way in line with the innovation working principle on Macao e-society by establishing the overall design and management of WLAN access network installation to promote e-Government and e-Business proactively to enhance the integrative living standard and to improve of the national economic productivity, as well as to reinforce the benefit of the social economic and to promote the social bloom and the development of the economic for Macao.
Keywords/Search Tags:e-Government, Service-wise Public Administration, 3rd party, Management Model, Information Management Platform, Digital Macao
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