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Study Of The Demand And Supply Of Government Functions

Posted on:2007-07-30Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:X W GaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360185467391Subject:Minority areas of public administration
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The need of society is the reason why government function exists. In the different periods of the social development, the needs of society for government are different. Government function changes with the need of society. The total trend of demand for government function is from simple to complicated, from rudimentary to advance. In conformity with it, the supply of government function is following the law and trend too. Therefore, we can say the government function of a certain period is the result that the government meets the social demand. How to advance the social demand for government function, how to analyze and confirm to the demand for function, how the government is to meet the demand for its function, etc. we must analyze the demand for government function. In a certain period, the demand for government function of the society is complicated and various because of the variety of the social environment. It takes the form of pluralism of the demand subject, multi-level of the demand structure and change of the demand content. These complicated and various social demands can not be totally met by the form of government function. Government can not meet all social demands either. It can only choose to meet parts of social demands because the supply of government function faces some restraints. Besides difference of demands for government function, government functions are very great difference in the different countries and regions, because supply of government function is different. The supply of government function is a process that the government accepts the demand for government function of internal and external environments. And it chooses and confirms government function on the basis of comprehensive analysis and weighing various restraint conditions. Just as demand for government function, the supply of government function is restrained by the various environmental factors too. Thus it causes the unbalance of demand for and supply of government function. The unbalance causes the difference between the will supply and the actual supply of government function, we must analyze supply of government function if we want to learn the limited factors of the supply of government function, the effective supply of government function, the value goals and principles of supply or...
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