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Construction Of Supervision-System Of CPC

Posted on:2007-09-10Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:S Y WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360185962428Subject:Subject community and the international communist movement
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In contemporary political supervion system of china,Supervising ruling party is a considerable weak link in the light of theory and practice.To smoothly push ahead with process of democratic politics,The power supervision and restrict of ruling party objectively should be strengthened. The Dissertation study how to strengthen power supervision system of ruling party .The Dissertation includes five parts.The first part(the first charpter to the second one ) is basic theory of supervision. Supervision is social activity and social phenomenon which exist after human society formed .Modern supervision is endowed with democratic meaning ,That is: checking and controlling public power or party power .The basic principles are independence,openness,symmetry and obligatory character. Supervision is an important way to achieve democratic politics,It has function to safeguard interest ,It is a administration means to validly govern and basic mechanism to inhibit corruption.Theory of power supervision and checking in Western bourgeois states is primarily Theory of decentralization which is concerned power decentralization and controlling among legislative,administration and juridical organization , whole and party of state . it is sharp weapons against feudal autocracy,talisman for bourgeoisies to found states,common achievements of human civilization .Western supervision theories is unavoidably limited . Marx and Engels formed and developed political supervision theory different from the western' s ,during they explored the theory and practice of socialism. Marx and Engels analysised the importance of supervising public power in terms of relationship of state and society.summarized the historic experience of political power building of the Paris Commune ,posed theory of people supervision and inner-party supervision of the proletariat party . Lenin further developed supervision theory of Marx and Engels.He emphasized the people master right of vote and right of recall; took up the position that establish democratic inner-party system and collective leadership institution, carry out free criticism and so on.Improve inner-party system, establish a inner-party supervision organization which is dependent and high authoritative ; emphasized to improve legal system, took up the position that the mass supervise administrative activity and social life in all directions by newspaper .The supervision theory of Marxism is guiding_significant for ruling party in socialism countries.The second part (the third charpter to the forth one) is historic practice of inner—party supervision institution of the Communist Party of...
Keywords/Search Tags:Supervision Theory, Supervision History, Inner-party Supervision, Outer- party Supervision, Political Culture
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