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Study Of China's Ruling Party Power Supervision System

Posted on:2011-09-20Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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Power supervision to the party in power in China is different from the parties in power in western countries.In western countries party politics is much more mature. Parties compete each other and come into power in turn within the established power system. Supervision and restraint of parties in power mainly come from the outside political force.While the Communist Party of China is the sole legal party in power, supervision coming from outside political force is still weak, so the supervision to CPC is mainly from inner-party.At present, when CPC reinforces inner-party supervision, it is very necessary and urgent to build and perfect power supervision system from the inner and outside party political force.In chapter one and chapter two, the author briefly analyses the theories on power supervision at all times and in all countries. The author discusses the concept of power,the origin of power and the characteristics of power etc. And then discusses the basic conception of power supervision,the origin of power supervision, the principles of power supervision and functions of power supervision.The author explores all kinds of theories on power supervision at all times and in all countries, including the thoughts of power supervision and restraint in ancient western countries,the balance theory in modern western bourgeois and the thoughts of power supervision on proletarian party and the party in power.In chapter three, the author carries out comparative research on power supervision system of different party systems, including two-party system,multi-party system and non-competitive party system. And the author gives a objective and fair assessment to their advantages and disadvantages.The choice of power supervision system and mode is mainly decided by political system and party system of the country, and affected by its traditional political culture and so on.The power supervision system which is effective in one country might be difficult to function in another country. Therefore, on this question one country never copies the other country's pattern and experience, but one country should select the correct road according to its national conditions.In chapter four and chapter five, the author researches the inner- party supervision history of the Soviet communist party and the Communist Party of China, and draws a series of experience and lessons from positive and negative aspects, that is the inner-party supervision organs must have relative independence and authority. Moreover, don't ignore power supervision from the outside while reinforcing inner-party supervision.Besides,on the base of analyzing the disadvantages of current inner-party power structure, the author suggests that we should reform current inner-party power structure and distribution so that the inner-party power supervision system is more relative independence and authority;At the same time, the author suggests that we should further improve the inner-party supervision system, in which the key step is to formulate the standards and norms of inner-party rights in order to provide the system basis with operation for inner-party power running and supervision.In chapter six to eight, the author mainly discusses the power supervision to CPC from the outside, including the NPC,democratic party and news, these are important parts of power supervision system.In contemporary China, our own national conditions and political party systems decide that inner-party supervision must be the core content of power supervision to CPC. At the same time, we must not neglect the supervision from the outside.Compared with western countries, the supervision from the outside is inadequate and lack to CPC. So the author thinks that the CPC's subjective attitude and action is the key factor to power supervision under our non-competitive political party system. According to the above-mentioned problems of all kinds of non-party supervision, the author respectively puts forward constructive suggestions and countermeasuresIn chapter nine, after the author discusses that power supervision system of party in power is affected by traditional Chinese political cultures and western political culture ,the author puts forward that we should actively cultivate political culture which should contribute to Chinese power supervision system construction in course of promoting it. Only do like this, we can really enhance the effectiveness of power supervision.In closing section, the author puts forward that it is a long-term project to construct power supervision system of party in power with Chinese characteristics, and it cannot be accomplished overnight. The principle is that we must promote and advance step by step under the leadership of CPC in process of boosting democratic political construction with Chinese characteristics.
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