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International Human Rights Protection Mechanism

Posted on:2007-07-22Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y C ZhaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360185976292Subject:International politics
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Human rights primarily was an anti-theology slogan in the Renaissance, and has deeply rooted in people's heart as a belief in modern times,especially after US president Carter raised human rights foreign policy, human rights has gradually become a mainstream language in international intercourse. Reviewing the several hundred years of the development of human rights, though the notion of human rights has continuously accepted or has internalized as human beings'lifestyle, it's not difficult for us to discover that the state quo of human rights is far below the ideal condition.What's more, the form of trampling of human rights emeges in an endless stream. Besides nations, other main bodies of violating human rights appear. Therefore, protection of human rights advances new task for us, especially in the condition that Chinese government raises the form of administration based on human beings and the aim of constructing a humorous society, which is a new opportunity for the improvement of China's regimeof protection of human rights. The starting point of human-oriented humorous society is the respect for human rights. Only after the human rights has been protected comprehensively, can reflect the ideal status of human-oriented and humorous society. Taking China's reality into consideration, China has stepped into the epoch of human rights, yet a perfect protection regimenot established in this primary stage. Therefore, how to realize the protection of human rights in China becomes the topic of this dissertation. Of course, what the author aims to do is not the establishment of a system of the protection regimeof human rights in China, but tries to make clear how did the related protection regimeof human rights in the world establish and work, mainly the international ones and regional ones, governmental ones and non-governmental ones. Based on the study on the protection regime, the author thinks over the establishment of the protection regimeof human rights in China. Following such a thought, the author divides the dissertation into five parts.
Keywords/Search Tags:Protection of Human Rights, International Regime, Global, Regional, Non-governmental Organization
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