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The Study On Key Factors Of Electronic Government One-Stop-Service

Posted on:2007-04-09Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:X B XiaFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360212959938Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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To adapt it to the need of the information technology and economy development, E-government is a new way that has changed its traditonal government function, and its one-stop-service is just a form of E-government commonality management which has been proved to be an efficient way to advance administration efficiency and reduce administration scope.The government has been extricated itself out of traditional administration management mode with the transformation of planned economy to market economy. At the same time, it exerts more and more important function in terms of formulating and executing of public policy, holding stable and continuing development of macro-economy,enhancing the government function of offering public production and service. The E-government differs the traditional government from the self-responsibility to the customers to be the focus.The present research literatures of E-government hasn't provided the efficient answer to deficient authorization and difficult process in its practice. Secondly, the study focused on the information share and mutual cooperate between government and government or government and enterprise need to go deep into because of the influence of politics and laws and some other factors. Thirdly, the theory of corporation client relations should to be further advanced by exercising theory into practice.The present thesis not only systematically investigates the theories relating to the key factors of E-government one-stop-service on the basis of its frame research, but also does the study through the case study. It is significant that the study could provide suggestions on solving the low information level,system obstacle,overlap build in the construction and development process of the E-government one-stop-service, and improving commonality managemet efficiency and level of our government.To analyze and investigate the key factors of front office, back office, commonality service workflow of E-government one-stop-service, the study applies a series of theories and methods, such as new commonality management theory, CRM, BPR, workflow technology. As a result,it is very clear that the front office of E-government one-stop-service relates to commonality service, so the key factors are the alternation flat between the fovernment and client( corporation, commonality), contact entrance and channel,efficient information conformity,...
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