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Study On One-stop Government

Posted on:2012-11-16Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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One-stop service model begins at 1970s and was introduced by business industry to public field. Practically, it develops in four phrases as spontaneous production, national promotion, technology assistance and organization reengineering. And nowadays, it has become one of the main models in public service supported by government. In order to satisfy the increasing service needs of publics, every government in the world is going to build government of sparkplug one-stop service ideas and practice one-stop service model i.e. one-stop government. Chinese one-stop service practice develops rapidly under the background of building service-oriented government, especially, the one-stop service model carried by e-administration system and government service center. Thanks to loading the service ideas of citizen-oriented, right-oriented and society-oriented sparkplugged by service-oriented government, it has become the best model for the government to realize the target of service-oriented government and gets a great achievement. However, if the government is going to achieve all-wave and integrative one-stop service target, there is a very long way to go. In the practical process of promoting one-stop government, because the government still lacks of the reasonable and advanced theory, it will be very difficult when they are facing problems. In order to break these barriers, the research of one-stop government has a great value for theory and practice. In addition, the development of the foreign one-stop government practice is starting to take shape. Although the theory systems are not complete, the practical development of Chinese one-stop government badly needs to introduce these research achievements and take it as an example. Without the rescannable theory direction, the practice development is hard to avoid mistakes, which will cause great obstacles in the continuously development of one-stop government. Therefore, it is important to do some summary and conclusion on the theory achievements of foreign one-stop government construction. Consequently, this dissertation divides into following four parts to discuses it.IntroductionThis chapter mainly discusses the selection cause of this theme, the background and significance of topics, the domestic and foreign literature reviews, research method and logical framework. It also contains the difficulties of this topic and the potential innovations in this dissertation.ChapterⅠConcept Interpretation: the Connotation, Denotation, Roles and Characteristics of One-stop GovernmentMany foreign scholars have explored the concept of one-stop government preliminary. Bases on this, this dissertation interprets the connotation of one-stop government, considers that under the guidance of citizen-oriented ideas, one-stop government refers to that the government sets many hypostatic or fictitious service sites, coordinate information and service from different apartments to give the all-wave, integrative and personalized public service when the information gets single contact with citizen, enterprises and the third sector. From the interaction between the government and citizen perspective, one-stop government can divide into three interactive types which include full contact, half contact and no contact between citizen and staff. In different relationship of different objects, one-stop government reveals four roles, which include the regular executor, strict supervisor, round-the-clock server and interdependent cooperator. Compare with the traditional government service model, one-stop government model reveals many clarified characteristics as citizen-oriented, easy to gained, round-the-clock, integrative, information transparent and optional service.ChapterⅡTheory Logic: Choice Basis and Logical Framework of One-stop GovernmentIn the theory of politics and public administration, it still can find some choice basises for reason of the existence of one-stop government. Democratic theory, new administrative theory and new public service theory think that government aims to maximized benefit for the citizen and provides legal service for the satisfaction of citizen. It is the basis for the role of one-stop government as the public server. From the new public management theory, integrity management theory to seamless government theory, the running way of government tend to integrative management, emphasis on cooperation and coordination between different government department and form an organic integrity for the one step service. All of these provide the choice basis for the construction of one-stop government model. Service function of one-stop government is supported by the front-door and backstage. The front-door mainly responsible for receiving the citizen service request and returning the service result and this service type is polybasic. The backstage is responsible for detailed handle of service matters. The management way is integrative. Both the organization models of front-door and the backstage reveal weight transferring of the government service function, i.e. from government-oriented to citizen-oriented.ChapterⅢPractice Model: Principle and Carrier of One-stop Government ConstructionThe key point of the construction of one-stop government is forming the front door and backstage into the integrative whole. In the process of construction, it must follow two principles; the first is balance the instrumental rationality and value rationality. The value rationality is the direction of instrumental rationality, and the instrumental rationality is the support of value rationality. Both of them are the organic integration. The second is interactive embedment of technology innovation and system innovation. Both of the embedment strength pushes the government innovation. Under the direction of above principles, one-stop government can depend on entity and internet to construct the system of one-stop government. The entity carrier refers to physical hall which has independent enforcement power and integrative support service. The internet carrier refers to the entity which keeps the real government, depending on internet, interconnect different functional department, break the barrier and realize to share and integrate the information from every department. The two carriers both have their own advantages and disadvantage in the process of one-stop government construction. ChapterⅣRealized Condition: Simultaneous Construction of Public Administration Reform and e-Administration SystemThe construction of one-stop government is a system project, which must concentrate every force of government and department, practices by depending on overall administration reform. In the process of pushing the construction of one-stop government, it has many barriers of management function, management system and management process. Thus, it is necessary to clear away them through administration reform. In addition, one-stop government construction still needs e-administration to build platform, function and channel to realize it. Only if have both of the conditions, it is reasonable to realize the simultaneous development of technology innovation and system innovation and pushing the realization of the one-stop government construction. Administration management reform relates to every aspect of government, this dissertation only involves the reform method which can create good running environment for the e-administrative system. It contents following three aspects as government function transfer, organization structure and government affair process reengineering. And they make great effort in orientating government function, clarified system authority and disentangled business process respectively. The construction of one-stop government system mainly contents three parts: basic establishment construction, applied system construction and information resource integration. The basic establishment construction is the carrier of applied system, bearing responsibility for normal operation and security guarantee of the system software and applied process applied system in applied system. Applied system is the carrier of the information resource, bearing the responsible for the smooth operation of data information in the system.ChapterⅤImplementation Strategy: the Action Guidance of the Construction of One-stop Government with Chinese CharacteristicsChinese government should pay highly attention on the strategy research of how to push administration management reform and construction of the e-administration system. The reason is only if choose and carry out the scientific, reasonable and achievable strategy; it can satisfy all practical condition of the one-stop government. Therefore, this chapter points out the implementation strategy of one-stop government with Chinese characteristics. It mainly includes steadily promoting the transformation of government functions; strengthening the service function, gradually accelerating organization structure adjustment, ascending organizational effectiveness, continue to promote e-government business process reengineering, realizing synergies services, scientifically forming the public service management institution, establish and perfect the legal system of public services and innovation and development of public service mechanism, etc.ConclusionThis part makes a brief summery for the main views of this dissertation, analyzes the shortage and points out the continues research topics as one-stop government executive force, how to promote business process reengineering in government service center, how the one-stop government realizes the payment problems with e-business and use the internet as the carrier, how to coordinate the functions of every department in online one-stop government system and so on.
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