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A Study On The Construction Of Administrative Ability Of Party

Posted on:2008-04-04Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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The Modernization is a great change of human civilization, it involves all domains and each aspect which the humanity lives. The modernization is composed by eight basic systems,that is, the economical modernization, the political modernization,urbanization, the science and technology modernization, the life style modernization, the social structure modernization, the organization management modernization and human modernization .As a part of the whole solical modernization , the political modernization is very important, any country can not overstep the political modernization advancement.After the Communist Party of China(CPC) had been established , it has the bright political modernization guidance, and is carrying on the theory exploration and practice continuously in order to realize the Chinese social modernization and the political modernization .Especially after becoming the party of power, during CPC advances the industrialization and modernization, is also outlining the political modernization blueprint. As a leader of Chinese political modernization , the Communist Party of China(CPC) unceasingly strengthen own construction, can adapt the political modernization request, and advance the Chinese political modernization .This paper will, under the guidance of dialectic materialism and historical materialism, apply the research methods of many subjects, such as, politics, party historiography, historiography, sociology and economics, and demonstrations the construction of administration ability of Party from five aspects. Each chapter of main content outline as follows:The First Chapter: "the introductory remarks". It first elaborates this article origin and significance of study. It mainly embarks from importance of construction of administration ability of Party, Then the paper clears about research angle of view and basic logic and put forward the research technique and the innovation places on the basis of analyzing the massive research documents.The Second Chapter:"the political modernization and construction of administrative ability of Party". This part first compares, analyzes and defines pertinent concepts and categories, such as, political development, political modernization, Chinese political modernization, construction of administrative ability of Party. Next, comprehensively elaborates the logical connection between the political modernization and the construction of administrative ability of Party , this is the foundation part of this paper.The Third Chapter: "The level and factor analysis of the construction of administrative ability of Party ". The part is the key chapter of this paper, it thoroughly discusses and the elaborates the theory frame and the system on the construction of administrative ability of Party. The content of Party's administrative ability construction theory is rich and profound: Party's administrative idea commands the administration ability construction, Party's administrative Strategy is carrier of Party's administrative ability construction, Party's administrative system is key point of Party's administrative ability construction , The administrative way is the key of Party's administrative ability construction, the administrative resources is the cornerstone of Party's administrative ability construction.The Fourth Chapter:"the basic content of Party's administrative ability construction". This part mainly analyzes under the Chinese politics modernization background, Communist Party of China administrative ability construction advancement strategy. This chapter believed that, there are four relations on the Party's administrative ability construction process, that is, the relation between the party of power and the state power , the relation between administrative party and people, relation between the administrative party and own construction, the relation between administrative party and political party.The Fifth Part:"the experiences and the lessons of overseas administrative party ability construction".this part mainly elaborates experiences and the procedures of overseas communist party, the third world country administrative party and the contemporary west administrative party in own construction process , inquires about the administrative party construction some regular which should grasp, regarding advances the Communist Party of China the administrative ability construction to have the important function of awaking, the model and the inspiration.The Sixth Chapter:"the innovation of the administrative party ability construction system", enhances the administrative ability of the party, the system construction has the fundamentals, the overall situation, the stability and the long-term characteristic.Which strengthens the party's system construction is basic guarantee of avoiding and reducing administrative faults, Only the system innovation can advance and safeguard the party's administrative ability construction. This part elaborates the appraisal system establishment o administrative ability and the democracy within the party system innovation with emphasis.The Seventh Chapter:"this article conclusion part", it mainly further combing and systematically conclude the viewpoints and feelings of this paper.
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