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Government Process Reengineering: The Theoretical And Practical Researches

Posted on:2008-10-28Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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At present in the environment of information networking, political democratization, economic globalization, government process reengineering revolution way demonstrates the strong power and trend of development, because it takes business process reengineering and government reengineering as theory support, inherits, challenges, impacts and rebels against the traditional public administration and advocates the customer supreme, process consciousness and innovation spirit. The research on the theory and the practice of government process reengineering has foresightedness, the scientific nature and feasible. It will play a vital role in the reform of political structure, the transformation of government functions and the construction of administrative capability in our country. It is worthy to making a deep study. This article not only is a cognition on government process reengineering, a ponder and respond on significance of government public management revolutionary but also hope to have new breakthrough and development in the theory innovation and practice of government reform. There are eight chapters in this article:The First Chapter:"Introduction: government process reengineering--A emerging research domain". This chapter has elaborated thesis choice and research significance of government process reengineering, and then discussed the origin, the argument angle of view, the theory value and the practical significance. After inspected and analyzed the correlation research situation we think that there are many research about business process reengineering, but the researches about government process reengineering are very few. It is at the start stage in overseas and it is at blank condition in China. At present research difficulty lies in establishing theory analytical framework and using this frame to describe and explain government process reengineering questions. Therefore this article further elaborated the logical frame, analysised method and cleared theory system constitution of government process reengineering which we proposed.The Second Chapter:"Explain the basic problems of government process reengineering". Describing fundamentality question about the study object is an essential and significant work in any discipline research area. Before further studying the thesis of government process reengineering, it is necessary to understand and grasp a series of content essential factor, such as connotation definition, characteristic identification and guiding principle. It is without doubt the basic premise and the logical beginning of the study on government process reengineering.The Third Chapter:"Discuss theory origins of government process reengineering--And concurrently talk about its real example examination in Western". Any significant reform cannot without certain theoretical supports. Similarly, if it has no corresponding theory instruction, reform tendency of government process reengineering is not impossible to obtain most people's approval and to practice. Observing the research results in recent years, we think that theory origin of government process reengineering or the theoretical foundation in reform process mainly is the theory of business process reengineering and government reengineering. Furthermore, government process reengineering is an external knowledge to us, and needs strengthen study about the implementation and the application practice of international government process reengineering. Then we select government process reengineering implementation and application pattern of two typical significance countries: British and American to analysis. We further promulgates the government process reengineering connotation, the service content and function, grope for the intrinsic law of development of the Western developed country, they realize government process reengineering in the process of government reengineering and realize government reengineering through in the process of government process reengineering.The Fourth Chapter:"Direction identification of government process reengineering in china". Because China and the modern west country have huge deviation in politics, economy, culture, technology and so on, so their administration reform are different in direct agent, theoretical foundation and route selection. It is not very appropriate to combine the government process reengineering theory with the Chinese administration reform question to discuss together. But according to experience logic, human society is a natural developing historical course following the objective law. The modernization at the preliminary stage and at the mature stage is connected; its experience could reference and spread. Therefore, we place the question, the reform plan and the reform tendency which the Chinese administration will face within the reform pattern of government process reengineering to inspect. On the one hand we pointed out the cause of our country implementing government process reengineering from many perspectives, such as impact of similar background, hauling of special environment and actuation of own factor, on the other hand when we use government process reengineering theory in the practice of Chinese administration reform, we has not used the continuous analysis frame, but used the relevant analysis concept, then presents some policy suggestions from dimension of system. Thus we can use western theory correctly. In this foundation, we inferred and proved the idea and research results of government process reengineering have necessity and selectivity in present china. We constructed theory frame and designs of government process reengineering, provided the experience model and the countermeasure suggestion about how to develop government process reengineering with Chinese characteristics.The Fifth Chapter:"Effect and question--Practice exploration of government process reengineering in contemporary china". In recent years, our local government starts to try practice government process reengineering in process of exploring the construction of service governments. As a choose with good original intention, our government process reengineering played an important part since put in practice. It can enhance the administrative efficiency, reduce administrative cost, consummate the organization reengineering, improve the public service quality, promote public satisfaction, promote normalization of public service's development. But as a result of historical reason and system inertia, the influence of highly centered planned economy system and the absolutism political culture as well as the universal control government pattern is still exist. So the government process reengineering which our country advances at present still is the institutional change of top-down government forces system, lacks the background that the entire traditional system systematic changes. Government process reengineering is against tradition system, certainly it will meet resistance. Implementing the system innovation under such logical beginning, we need brand-new idea, perfect system design and high grade practice. However the realistic situation is actually worrying. Government process reengineering in our country inevitably meets many difficulty from the beginning, restriction strength of this difficulty will gradually come out with its development. Thus the marginal revenue of government process reengineering will decrease unceasingly.The sixth Chapter:"Systems engineering working along both lines--Seek the development strategy of government process reengineering in our country". If the government takes merely the government process reengineering as process's own reform, it often defeats. Integrating the government process reengineering into the process of improving and perfecting the bureaucrat system, was not only a kind of management tool or management tactic, but also a kind of strategic management. It is a whole process system which the government reforms from the idea, the organization, the system, the technical and the staff. We cannot expect it can accomplish in an action, also cannot let it act alone. Without doubt it is a complex systems, must combine complex theory with the reality practices. Therefore, facing restriction of various realistic difficulties, we must emphasis the process forging and the necessary support, seek out the development strategy of government process reengineering in our country. Thus we can construct the government process which suits the administration operating and the administrative development pattern of our country.The seventh Chapter:"Case anatomy about process reengineering of administration examination and approval in H city national territory resources bureau". Taking it as a sample, we proved and inspected that the utilization of government process reengineering in administration organizational reform practice at present has broken through the horizon and dimensionality of government process reengineering research which talk in generalities, focused on new practice and development of government process reengineering, in order to discuss the specifically public management question which highlights on the process of constructing and applying government process reengineering in our country and estimate feasibility way to solve it.The eighth Chapter:"Conclusion: Display government process reengineering of our country in multi-dimension--Theoretical generalization, reality thinking and shared vision". This chapter has outlined the relevant important question about the theory and practice of government process reengineering in our country, then summarized its construction of essence ideological system, reality ponders of real example, the case study. Finally, Analyzed and forecasted its trend of development and characteristic, pointed out the prospect and future of process management in our country's administration reform.
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