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Chinese Communist Party Of Democratic Governance: Concept, System And Operation Mechanism,

Posted on:2009-04-16Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360245475876Subject:Scientific Socialism and the international communist movement
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Governing democratically is the quintessence of the experience of Chinese socialism construction; the core target of the construction of governance ability; the essence and the inner requisition of the construction of democratic politics and harmonious society of china, and the requisition of globalization and development of economic. For the above-mentioned reasons, this paper have discussed the possibility of governing democratically form the perspective in CPC. The core of paper is the study on the process of governing democratically which include three parts: the formation of idea,structure and institution of governing democratically. Meanwhile, the paper point out that: the construction of inner-party democracy of CPC is the key of the realized of governing democratically and also decide the level and the way of governing democratically.The paper consists of seven sections:The introduction presents the paper's train of thought and value. It includes the reason of the study, the summary of relative study and the way of research.The fist chapter has discussed the formation of the concept of governing democratically and the value and meaning of this concept. The main innovations of this chapter include following three spots: 1.The analysis of the history of the statement of the "governing democratically" by CPC, it has reflected the governing confidence and awareness of CPC.2.At the base of the government's analysis of governing democratically, the paper has discussed three important parts of governing democratically: idea,structure and institution. 3. Discussion the significance of governing democratically from the angle between history and reality and between domestic and overseas.The second part pointing out that the idea of governing democratically is an important premise. This chapter especially has constructed a three dimensional ideology system through analyzing the history of CPC governing idea.The third chapter is about the structure of governing democratically, it points out that the structure is the hardware system and an essential part of governing democratically. The main breakthrough of this chapter contains following parts: 1. Summering governing democratically structure from four dimensions------political and party structure,inter-party structure,party-citizen structure(relationship between CPC and society) and Inner-party structure. (Graphic3-1)2. Presenting the defects of the traditional unification governing structure from the political science analysis. 3. Summing up experiences from the governing structure reform from three generation leading group. 4. Giving a countermeasure of governing democratically structure which especially focuses on realistic questions. This chapter is the most important part in the paper.Chapter four has discussed the institution of governing democratically, and suggests that the construction of a democratic participation,decision-making and surveillance mechanism are the necessary or the realize of governing democratically. The main contribution of this part is discussing the surveillance mechanism on perspective of the lack of surveillance of the power, and especially probes into how improve the surveillance mechanism.The fifth part is mainly about the construction of inner-party democracy. It claims the construction of inner-party democracy is the premise and key of governing democratically. One contribution of this part is taking lots of analysis of the value of inner-party democracy to China, especially analyzing from theory and reality. The other contribution is discussing the construction of inner-party democracy from three relative problems.On the based of object structure analysis the conclusion of this article indicated that: it is long time for us to achieve the governing democratically .The level of governing democratically is related with economy development, society development, democracy sense in civilians and construction of governing party positively. So the achievement of governing democratically not only need the idea of governing democratically could come true, the perfect of run system but also need the democracy of party could prompt whole country's democracy and society democracy could prompt the democracy in the governing party.This article only want to research the process of governing democratically which as a whole subject.
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