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Japan's Taiwan Policy Since .2005

Posted on:2012-09-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2216330371951601Subject:International relations
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In 2005, KMT Chairman Lien Chan visited the mainland, along with the strengthening of cross-strait exchanges, the Taiwan Strait situation is better than before. The relationship between the tow parts is stable. Taiwan issue has been troubled by an important aspect of Sino-Japanese relations. Japan and Taiwan have close relationships in many parts. Japan has its own security and interests, has been highly concerned about the situation in the Taiwan Strait. By Japan's Taiwan policy since 2005, the research will help us better analyze the problem in the Taiwan Strait in Japan's position and attitude, and the future direction of Sino-Japanese relations impact.Democratic Party of Japan came to power in 2009, compared to the previous situation in the Taiwan Strait ruling Liberal Democratic Party's attitude and policies of different times there will be corresponding changes and the appropriate changes. These will have the current stable situation across the Taiwan Straits and Sino-Japanese relations at this stage an impact. On the other hand influence U.S. policy toward Taiwan is also an important reason for Japan's policy change. Japan also follows The Japan-US alliance's policies to do some things. Change of political parties in Taiwan, the Japanese policy change will have some impact.Japan's Taiwan policy adjustment is the result of multiple factors, both historical complex, national strategy, domestic political, economic, diplomatic strategy, and other requirements of internal factors, but also the development of international situation, the "Taiwan independence" forces to draw, the United States factors, external factors such as driving, these factors are intertwined, interdependent, so that this adjustment has become an inevitable trend.So researching this topic that should correct understanding of Japan's period of stability in the Taiwan Strait role. Correct understanding of Japan's Taiwan policy will help the long-term stability of the Taiwan Strait situation, contribute to be better Sino-Japanese relations to solve the "Taiwan issue" is a huge obstacle to help the healthy and stable development of cross-Straits relations, help the Asia Pacific region and the stability of the world.
Keywords/Search Tags:Sino-Japanese relations, Japan-Taiwan relations, the situation in the Taiwan Strait, Taiwan policy
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