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Koizumi Took Office In China-Japan Relations And Japan-Taiwan Relations Theory

Posted on:2007-03-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360182998468Subject:World History
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China and Japan have a close relationship since ancient times, after the normalization of diplomatic relations between China and Japan , China-Japan relations is to be an unprecedented development. However, the continuous development of China-Japan relations,there are always some obstacles. As the the special status of taiwan in the history of China-Japan relations, the Japan-taiwan relations as a serious obstacle to the development of China-Japan relations impact. Japan and taiwan have a closer development in relations since Koizumi took office. to cast a thick and heavy shadow to China-Japan relations. The Koizumi took office in the China-Japan relations and Japan-taiwan relations as a starting point, through to analysis Japan's national development strategies to illustrate the development of Japan-taiwan relations is the Japanese established goals.But, taiwan is an indivisible part of Chinese territory, This is an indisputable fact that the decision by Japan in the development of Japan-taiwan relations must be carried out within the framework of China-Japan relations. China-Japan relations will continue to develop in tortuous.The text consists of three parts: Part I briefly reviewed the end of World War II China-Japan relations and the development of relations between Japan and taiwan . In a historical perspective allows us to look at today's China, Japan and taiwan three relationships. the second part through the national strategy of Japan to analyze Koizumi took office in the China-Japan relations and Japan-taiwan relations. And to describes trilateral relations between China, Japan and taiwan interaction. Factual statement to describes the development of China-Japan relations necessity. The article is the final part of the "I theory", Western political theory and international relations of the "free system," and "build-ism" on China and Japan to enhance mutual trust through integration into the international system and to achieve common belief.
Keywords/Search Tags:China-Japan relations, Japan and taiwan relations, Japanese national strategy
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