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China's Social Transition National Interests Of Coordinated Research

Posted on:2010-07-21Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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Benefit is always the hot problem that politicians and scholars pay attention to. For what people try to gain all have something about their benefit. However, all kinds of benefit conflicts exist inevitably during people pursue their own benefit. Benefit conflict is the origin of all the conflicts in the human society, and it is also the essence of all conflict, so benefit problem becomes the beginning point to study social problems. Now economic society of our country is in a multi-shift period, social shift period is a period that social contradictions and conflicts appear frequently. The experience of other countries indicates that shift period, the golden time of economic growth or the period that social contradiction happen frequently, is a high-risk social period which is quite pivotal in the history of one country, contradictions and crisis existed for a long time will break out and be fatal for social harmonious. Nation is also a benefit bloc, the national activities is the activity that nations compete for, carry out and defend their benefit. Recently many social problems can be considered as national problems national benefit of which is core. Generally speaking, the conflict between ethic and country is what multinational countries face, many social problems can be considered as national problems in which national benefit is the core. Nation-state relations and disputes the multi-ethnic country generally faced are not just showing that national identity and political identity of citizens collide and adapt in the national community, they also essentially put forward the problem that how to coordinate the interests of ethnic groups and distribution mechanism of national interests. Compared with studies aboard, studies about this problem is less at home. Hence to adjust the national interests from the benefit perspective responds to theory positively and care questions of reality deep.This paper uses the method of benefits analysis to keep point of interest. Benefits analysis is a main line of this article. The main body of the national interests, national interests' contradictions and national interests' adjustment and distribution mechanism of national interests have been analyzed. At the same time, practical analysis has been done for serving the practice.This article is consisted with body, conclusion and other parts except preface. The body can be divided into four chapters, main content of them are:The first part is about preface. In this part it complains why choose this subject and significance of it, then based on lots of literature, the main parts and direction of this article become specific and analysis frame comes out.In second part discuss the relationship between ethic interest and nation .Ethic interest is an important part to component social interest and influence national relationship; meanwhile it decides the stability of national politics and nation-state construction. Through carding the relation between benefit and nation, analyzing the quality of national benefit and follow the trail of relationship between national benefit and contradiction, national benefit and contradiction have been explained in this part, and the inner relationship between national benefit and national politics has been studied. This chapter provides theory foundation for coordinating the national benefit.In the third part, the behaviors and reason of national benefit contradiction have been analyzed. To discuss the coordination of national benefit must learn of the behavior of national benefit contradiction and card these reasons. Only carding why national benefit contradiction appeared, the scheme to solve problems could be proposed. This article thought that the reason of national benefit contradiction appeared not only ascribe the economic reasons but also political right distribution and politics, of course, it also includes some culture reasons.Chapter four is mainly about comparison and analysis of national benefit coordination models in multi-nations. Ethnic issues are prevalent problem in today's world, governments are always concerns. In practice, individual countries have explored a number of special models. The practice of these countries, some more successful, and to some extent, they eliminate the contradictions and problems, while others have failed and plunged the country into disintegration. As a "stones from other hills," the coordination of multi-ethnic country experiences and lessons of the national interests provide reference resources for our country's national benefit coordination. Through studying the national benefit coordination since our country's foundation, re-examining the national benefit coordination and carding related theories and politics, our country's national system and national police have been examined. Through comparative analysis of theories and practice of main multi-state national benefit coordination, analyzing the national problem status, evaluating the successful experience and lessons of their national benefit coordination, all of that can provide reference for our country's national benefit coordination and be good for us to propose more suitable national benefit models.Chapter five is about path choosing to coordinate national benefit. Any problems appeared contained a solution. With the country's democratic political construction and development, ethnic minorities, national consciousness, the awareness of benefits is growing. With the awakening of awareness of national interests and enhance, the nation's political demands - including political rights, autonomy rights and national development, such as requirements have become increasingly prominent, as well as national political relations become more complex, more sensitive and the difficulties of coordination also become greater. Therefore, combing the theories foundation of our national benefit coordination, clearing value orientation of national interest coordination, screening the main contents of the benefit coordination and building mechanisms of benefits coordination, are the essential path to coordinate national interests. This paper proposed that the national benefit coordination is carried out through establishing a comprehensive benefits coordination mechanism.Chapter six is about the "Conclusion." In response to questions raised at the beginning, then it summed up the article. The conclusion is that interest conflicts are all finally the root causes of conflicts in the human society, but also the essence of all conflict. Ethic is also a kind of national interest groups, much of contemporary Chinese social problems are refracted to national questions in which national interests can be core. Multi-ethnic country must coordinate national benefit if they want to achieve national integration and social harmony.
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