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Communist Party Of China Resources Construction

Posted on:2010-05-11Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360278978966Subject:Marxist theory and ideological and political education
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In the modern society, most countries in the world carry party politics, the political party becomes one of most important and basic strengths in the politics life of many countries. Any political party has basic goal that is to become the ruling party during developing its own organization. However, the ruling position of party is not formed from born, how can grasp the state power? How to wield the state power for a long time? The main problem is whether the political party can gain ruling resources continuously, and they can be used completely for oneself. The ruling resources are very vital factors in the stable ruling and strengthening the ability of administration and the realizing of ruling goal smoothly. The Communist Party of China as the ruling party needs enough ruling resources and expands the ruling resources continuously if he wants to wield power position for a long time. The expansion of ruling resources is the one aspect of strengthening power position of the party. The ruling situation of political party had changed in the change of century, some political party lose ruling position that is a light. The new change of social situation makes the CPC face new challenges of ruling resources and increases ruling risks, and put forward higher wish in the CPC's ruling ability. The ruling resources construction of the CPC relates to the fate and future of CPC, for the reason, the research of construction of ruling resources of CPC have important theory and realizing values.On the foundation of basic theory research of the ruling resources, this article mainly attempts to analysis the theory source and experience course of ruling resources construction of CPC, carry the thorough analysis about necessity and practical significance of strengthening the ruling resources construction. Through the analysis of ruling resources, the article can point out basic principles, strategy request and the effective way of expanding ruling resources of the CPC.Preface analysis the reasons that research this question from different aspects, and then, analysis the research ways and road.Centering on the logic about what and why, the first chapter elaborates five issues: One is ruling connotation and the fundamental requests. Two is the fundamental connotation and features of the ruling resource of the party. Three is the fundamental connotation of the ruling resource construction of the party. Writer puts forward connotation of the ruling resource construction of the party and the viewpoint that the ruling resource construction of the party is made up of. Then witer analyses the great meaning of ruling resource construction of the party. Four discusses the differences and laws of ruling resource construction for different parties.The second chapter is about the theory resource of the ruling resources construction theory of CPC. Writer thinks that Marxism ruling resource construction thought is basic theory source, reasonable essence of western political theory that is important reference, outstanding ingredients of the China traditional ruling culture which is as the gene of forms.The third chapter makes an on—the—spot research on the construction history of the party's ruling resource in theory and activity from three stages. In terms of the construction experience of the party's ruling resource at the revolution time and the establishment of our country and the reform and opening time, this paper summarizes aspects historical experiences.The fourth chapter discusses questions and challenges in ruling resource construction of the party from the social transition presently in China since the reform and opening-up. Firstly, it elaborates the connotation and main contents of Ruling Modes of Life and Relation to Their Environment in China. Then writer analyses the changes of world situation and domestic situation in economic realm, political realm and ideological realm and the changes of the social stratum, and of party-self situation. Secondly, it analyses the negative effect on the ruling resource construction of the party from the social transition presently in China since the reform and opening-up.The fifth chapter discusses the basic principles and strategy request of the ruling resource construction of the party. Through the analysis of construction history of ruling resources, in the strategy, writer thinks that ruling resource construction of the party should round to gain ruling legitimacy, enhancing ability of the CPC is the aim of ruling resource construction of CPC. In the basic principles, we should insist on principles of people benefit first, plan as a whole and sticking out the focus, nimble grasping principle, suitable principle, self-reliance and use for reference principles.The sixth chapter, according to the effect on the ruling resource construction of the party from ruling modes of life and relation to their environment in present China, indicates that in order to strengthen the ruling resource of the Chinese Communist at the time of social transition, we need to try our best to finish six great works. In order to finish this work well, we should innovate the contents of the ideology and strengthen guide position of Marxism. The second is to make a great issue on the resource of expanding the ruling performance resource of the party in every aspect. The third discuss on how to enhance organization source of CPC. The forth analyses harmfulness of the power corruption and points out some measures to overcome power corruption and keep from being changed. The fifth is constructs the system source. The sixth is to make use of resource aboard.
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