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The Research On-line Administrative Examination And Approval

Posted on:2011-02-06Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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Online administrative approval is a new thing in 21st Century. Emerging with the ever-increasing development of internet, it has been the most important and essential content of e-government. E-government covers a wide range and there are many articles on e-government as well. Yet the online administrative approval has not been implemented for long, therefore, there are not many articles in this field and systematic articles in this field are even much scarcer. Currently, even though governments at all levels in different places exert themselves in implementing online administrative approval, its implementation is still very difficult; the effect is not sound; leaders are very anxious and people complain about it. And therefore, problems on methods and performances of implementation need to be resolved in theory urgently. And this article dedicates to resolve these problems.First of all, the problem of vague and inaccurate definition of the online administrative approval shall be resolved. Even though online administrative approval has been implemented for many years, there has been no systematic explanation for the definition, characteristics, content and form of the online administrative approval as well as the distinction and connection between e-government and traditional administrative approval. According to the practical situations of the online administrative approval currently implemented by governments in different places, definition, characteristics, content and form of the online administrative approval shall be discussed in this article.Secondly, the existing problems and solutions in the process of online administrative approval shall be analyzed. For the effective implementation of the online administrative approval, there are many problems such as legality, technicality, system, application and time. This article analyzes the problems in detail and explores comprehensive and focused strategies to resolve these problems.Thirdly, the design theory for the online administrative approval process shall be explored. This article analyzes and explores the existing problems in process reengineering of the online administrative approval and the necessity, purpose, principle, design requirement of the process reengineering and raises the process design model of online administrative approval on the basis of analyzing the process of administrative approval.Fourthly, the implementation model of online administrative approval shall be proposed. And this article analyzes the principle of the model construction of online administrative approval system, proposes the "three main platforms and nine assistant systems" of the online administrative approval and actively& scientifically explored the goal and stages of implementing the online administrative approval.Fifthly, the performance evaluation system of online administrative approval shall be proposed. This article analyzes the connotation, type, subject, content and scope of performance evaluation of online administrative approval and establishes scientific performance evaluation system of online administrative approval on the basis of e-government evaluation system.This article is consisting of seven chapters.Chapter 1 IntroductionThis chapter focuses on analyzing the background, practical significance and the present research status at home and abroad. On the basis of such analysis, this chapter introduces the research ideas, research methods and content of the article and proposes innovation.Chapter 2 Theoretical Basis of Online Administrative ApprovalThis chapter introduces relevant theoretical basis of online administrative approval, including relevant theories of informatization, administrative management system, e-government and complex science. Among which, theories of the complex scientific management include CSM holistic concept theory, CSM new resource concept theory, CSM interaction theory, CSM integration theory and CSM order and disorder theory.Chapter 3 Definition, Features, Content and Form of Online Administrative Approval Beginning with features of informatization and administrative management system, this chapter analyzes the concept, features and theories of e-government in depth and then researches on the concept, features and basic theories of online administrative approval which is the core of e-government. With regard to problems existing in online administrative approval, this chapter appropriately concludes restraints of online administrative approval from macro-level and then researches on the solutions of following bottlenecks:the system problem mainly manifests the legal status of administrative service centre and common defects of present management system; cognition problem mainly embodies citizen's informatization awareness, the problem of computer technology, leaders' authority-oriented and eagerness for instant success and quick profits; legal environment mainly manifests legality and validity of e-documents; technique problem mainly embodies safety problems of storing and circulating e-documents.Chapter 4 Analysis and Design of Process Reengineering of Online Administrative ApprovalProcess design of online administrative approval mainly condenses and optimizes the traditional administrative approval process, adopting advanced network technique to provide network, informatization and electronization for the process. Reengineering model mainly focuses on the following administrative approval process:declared by applicant online----approved by the approval official online----supervised by the supervision official online, perfects relevant functions of online administrative approval and promotes the online administrative approval to operate conveniently and effectively.Chapter 5 Implementation Model of Online Administrative ApprovalThe implementation of online administrative approval is regular and also has its own strategies and tactics. The strategic objects of online administrative approval successively are putting the entire administrative approval items network, completing the whole procedure of approval online, parallel approval online, multilevel E-networks approval. Tactics of online administrative approval shall successively pass through three stages:paper-network synchronization, paper after network and paperless approval. On the basis of analyzing model construction principles of online administrative approval system, the basic model "three main platforms and nine assistant systems" of online administrative approval is put forward.Chapter 6 Implementation Performance Evaluation of Online Administrative ApprovalThe depth and width of implementation of online performance evaluation form an index evaluation system of online administrative approval. These indices actually include every link of the whole process of online administrative. Then, it is the implementing effect of online administrative approval that this article shall focus on. No matter what are the strategies and tactics, it will reflect on direct actual effect of online administrative approval.
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