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Heilongjiang Online Administrative Examination And Approval Research On Business Process Reengineering

Posted on:2015-05-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330452461090Subject:Public Management
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With the development of network technology, WEB4.0era management put forward higher request to the government, the government towards a4.0era in management to do addition and subtraction, subtraction is to reduce the decentralization, the addition is to keep up with the development of network technology. The Eighteenth National Congress ask the government to deepen the reform of the administrative examination and approval system, continue to reduce the decentralization, promote the development of the functions of the government to create a good environment, provide high-quality public services, safeguard social fairness and justice, innovative management style, improve the government credibility and execution, the implementation of e-government is the effective carrier of the transformation of the government to adapt to The Times.Based on online government affairs service center construction in heilongjiang province as a case, analyzes the practice of building a service-oriented government how to effectively play the advantages of the network technology and the government’s initiative, on the basis of the theory of process optimization service idea runs through to the administrative examination and approval of every detail, so as to realize the real change of power model of government to a service-oriented government, this article uses the empirical analysis, comparative analysis and case study methods.This article is divided into four chapters. The first chapter is the introduction part, the research background, research content and structure as well as the domestic and foreign research, the second chapter through the coupling theory and the technology analysis, the practical problems of general theories and concepts to solve the movement of new public management, and process reengineering, government process reengineering and operation steps as the theoretical foundation the third chapter elaborates, combined with the business process reengineering and innovation of management theory in Heilongjiang province for the online examination and approval of construction background, existing problems, analyzes the causes, in the fourth chapter, program specification approval mechanism, improve the system of examination and approval, uniform technical standards, streamline administrative examination and approval procedures in the specific operation, publish administrative examination and approval flow chart, the integration of the approval process, simplifying approval procedures, reduce the approval requirement unnecessary, the "fusion of three platform" construction, the implementation of one-stop parallel to optimize the reorganization of online approval process, the implementation effect analysis.This topic research significance, is for the purpose of administrative examination and approval for the construction of a service-oriented government and innovation management to provide reference, from the concept and system and the operation level to release the vitality of economic development, thus promote the social efficiency.
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