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A Study On The Development Strategy And Strategic Management Of Newly-established Local University

Posted on:2011-12-14Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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Constructing a powerful nation of higher education is a divine mission entrusted by times for the higher education. To complete this mission, institutions of various kinds and on different levels in the higher education system of our country should be improved continuously. The higher education in a world-wide range has experienced a rapid development and a heated competition after the new century since when the domestic and overseas environment for the development of the institutions in our country has changed remarkably. Under this current circumstance, the construction and development of our institutions are confronted with both precious opportunities and severe challenges. Only by improving the way of management and upholding the strategic awareness may we have institutions with higher quality and distinctive characters.As an efficient management tool, strategic management has the necessity to be practiced in the institutions obviously. Since the new century, our institutions have been faced with some real situations that operation system has changed and the mechanism of competition has formed with the clear appearance of financial crises as well as the changed environment. In order to improve the institutional level and to enhance competitiveness, we should uphold the strategic awareness and carry forward the strategic awareness. Compared by ordinary companies and organizations, strategic management in institutions have the peculiarity that they are academic organizations which not work for the purpose of interests and the pursuit of maximized profits. By adapting the strategic management, the predictability of the environmental change and the efficiency of organization will be enhanced to assure the achievement of academic mission.The development of the newly-established local university has a close relationship with the macroscopic background that our government enlarges recruitment of students' scale of the higher education and actively promotes popularization of it. The newly-established local universities are the new strength of national higher education, and they are also the carrier of populization of it. As a newly born thing, they faced with extremely complicated developing environment. Taking in external relationship into consideration, the economic system transited into market economy and developing national economy became national strategy and policy; the construction of learning-oriented society and well-off society became the important goals, the construction of human resources powers became national strategy. Seeing from the internal relationship of higher education, at the turning of the century, national higher education reformed its system and adjusted its structure. Besides, it further reformed macro management system, actively promoted its popularization, accelerated localization and began to carry out the system of evaluation. Facing the future, newly-established local colleges meet rare opportunities and severe challenges. International competition is getting more and more intensive, the rise of China needs the higher education to bear the mission of the time; Implementing the national development strategy, and realizing the transforming of the economic development pattern can provide opportunities to higher education development; Construction of a higher education country, and cultivating qualified talents put forward new requirements for the development of higher education;the changes of the population structure, and the fluctuation of the number of school-age population propose new challenges to the development of the higher education. This complex strategic environment is external basis for the newly-established local university to implement strategic management.The status quo of constructing a newly-established local university is the internal foundation of implementing its strategic management. From the perspective of construction and development, merging and upgrading the vocational colleges will be the basis. In the level of schooling, undergraduate education and college education will co-exist. Both province and city will take in charge in the system of management. As for the school funding, the tuition fee will be the main income. Constructing local universities has achieved remarkable success since it began. It has promoted the popularity of higher education, trained a large number of personnel, and made the services increasingly prominent. However, there still exist some problems, such as, the unclear orientation, severe homogenization, irrational revenue structure, and the common phenomenon of developing in debt. All those situations will become the fundamental grounding for formulating development strategies and carrying out strategic management.The newly-established local universities needs to make a strategic orientation based on the principles of clear purpose, highlighting core, timely change, feedback, full participation, and the whole management. It also needs to build application-oriented universities according to social needs and their own traditions. Therefore, the key is to actively promote the reform of personnel training mode, and implement the school restructuring strategies, local serving strategies, special development strategies, cooperation strategies and university running strategies. In order to ensure the effective implementation of development strategy, strategic management must be carried out. It is a systematic project consisting of four interrelated elements:strategic planning, strategic implementation, strategic evaluation and strategic adjustment. Among which, strategic planning is the basis, strategic implementation is the key, strategic evaluation and strategic adjustment is the guarantee. The path of constructing local universities needs to transfer from the simple strategic planning to the strategic management, i.e. making a good strategic planning, strengthening the implementation of the strategy, carrying out strategic assessment, and timely adjusting strategies.
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