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A Study On The Influence Factors And Increasing Path Of Group Cohesiveness About Disciplinary Team Of Newly-established Local University

Posted on:2019-02-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330566468354Subject:Higher Education
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In order to carry out discipline construction,the first step is to set up discipline team,which is not only the prerequisite and foundation of discipline construction,but also the motive and key of discipline construction.The survival and development of the discipline team depends on the cohesion.To solve the problem of how to transform the discipline team of newly-established local university,the fact that the discipline team is decentralized,the actual situation of individual soldier operations.Combine existing literature,based on organizational action theory and resource dependence theory,research hypotheses are proposed.Select T College of G Province as a case study,through investigation,it is found that the team cohesion of the subject members is at a medium level,and there is a positive correlation between them and the elements of discipline concept,subject structure,subject resources,subject interest,and discipline system.At present,it is faced with the dilemma of unclear discipline development concept,the convergence of discipline structure but low level,the need to improve and reconcile the subject interests,the lack of discipline resources and the decentralization of force,and the need to optimize the implementation of the discipline system,which affects the improvement of team cohesion.So that need to construct a path framework for discipline team building in newly-established local university with the goal of improving team cohesion as the core.First of all,sort out the concept of the discipline,get out of the concept confusion,make clear that the transformation of newly-established local university needs the support of disciplines and subject teams,grasp the "academic" and "application" of the discipline in the open dynamics,in order to determine the direction and discipline of the development of discipline teams.Second,optimize and adjust the discipline structure,realize the connection of discipline structure with local industrial chain,give full play to the innovation consciousness,innovation spirit and innovation ability of discipline team members,form the integration development situation of talent chain and innovation chain,realize the organic combination of team members,and optimize the configuration.And Strengthen the linkage of the interests of the disciplines,to guarantee the discourse rights and interest expression of different participants,and form a community of interests.At the same time,it urges the governance of the college and the discipline to connect with each other to reconcile interests.In addition,the resources of the disciplines are aggregated,externally,through multiple linkages,the resources of the discipline team resources are increased.Finally,the discipline system will be perfected,and the matrix project team will be used as the implementing agency,and the institutional operating environment of the system and culture compatibility will be promoted to create a highly cohesive discipline team development community,to strengthen symbiosis collaboration within and outside the discipline team.
Keywords/Search Tags:Newly-established local university, Disciplinary team, Group cohesion, Application transformation
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