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Dislocation Development:a Reasonable Path For The Newly—established Undergraduate Universities To Achieve Spanning Development

Posted on:2014-12-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In1999, after comprehensive consideration and strategic plan, the Party Central Committee and the State Council made a substantial decision:to increase the number of colleges and universities in a large scale, which speeded up the popularization of higher education. A large number of colleges upgraded to universities by mergering, reorganization or other ways, become the main army of our country to undertake the increment of higher education massification, known as the newly—established undergraduate universities. Newly—established undergraduate universities facing the developing opportunities, also full of challenges.The reasons of dilemma which newly—established undergraduate universities face are analyzed by methods of history, literature, comparison, system and so on, point out that spanning development is a sound strategy for newly—established undergraduate universities to overtake old undergraduate universities, dislocation development is a reasonable path for spanning development. This paper composed of six parts:Through reviewing the historical process of international higher education popularization, we can reveal the historical trend that higher education evolves from elite education to popular education, and the newly—established undergraduate universities is the result of higher education popularization.The current situation of newly—established undergraduate universities has four characteristics:be on the upgrade and be in trouble both because of the popularization of higher education; the level is advanced, but the connotation is hysteretic; the orientation is gradually reasonable, but the ability for social service has to be improved; regional layout is optimized stage by stage, there is still much room for optimization.If the newly—established undergraduate universities want to break through the dilemma, they should not follow the development road of old undergraduate universities; they need to span through imposition development. Spanning development has many living example in both history and today. To achieve spanning development, newly—established undergraduate universities faced urgent situation and they have obvious advantages.Through elaborating the niche theory and dislocation development, we can find that dislocation development provides a reasonable path for the newly—established undergraduate universities to achieve spanning development. Dislocation development is conducive to the newly—established undergraduate universities to find clear school running concept, scientific orientation and distinctive characteristics.If the newly—established undergraduate universities want to achieve dislocation development, the should seize the initiative, identify the right niche; improve the consciousness of innovation, cultivate the point of Strength; correct look upon competition, seek strategic alliance; ensure development be normative, provide system security; keep up with the times, construct legal—support; make sure the sign, build appropriate mode for talent cultivation; think highly of culture, shape the university culture; define the subjectivity, build teacher staff.
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