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Comparative Study Of American And Chinese Nonprofit Sports Organizations

Posted on:2012-04-21Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:X M ZhaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:1117330335461374Subject:Humanities and sociology
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Non-profit organizations are developed in civil society and have become one of the three legs of a tripod with governments and firms. Non-profit sports organizations are important forces in sports field helping to accelerate the development of sports undertakings. In China, non-profit sports organizations have developed in a short time and have some distance from their counterparts in developed countries. Thus, it is meaningful for the comparative analysis of China and the United States. This dissertation adopts methods of literature analysis, case study and figures and tables to compare the background, conditions and operation of non-profit sports organizations in the United States and China and reach to the conclusions below.Firstly, practical backgrounds and conditions have great influence on developments of non-profit sports organizations. American non-profit sports organizations are benefited to a large extent to its good background and conditions. It has clear governmental function boundary, individualized and small power distance social culture, religion spirits and multi culture which help to push forward the developments of non-profit sports organizations. Comparing with the United States, China has not really entered the civil society and is at the transition period. These narrow the growing space and autonomy of China's non-profit sports organizations.Secondly, non-profit sports organizations of America and China have formed characteristic operating mechanisms. The non-profit sports organizations in these two countries have resource dependence to different extents, but the funding channels of Chinese non-profit sports organizations are narrower. Governments play important roles in non-profit sports organizations of both countries. However, Chinese non-profit sports organizations are influenced by government power more directly and largely. Non-profit sports organizations of America and China have made endeavors to improve their operating and managing efficiency and the American non-profit sports organizations have more mature management systems. Non-profit sports organizations of both countries interact with the society, have important social functions, and embed in the social environments. Restricting and self-adjusting mechanisms are established in non-profit sports organizations of the United States and China and combine self-discipline features, heteronomous features and self-adjustments together organically.Thirdly, works should be done to accelerate the development of Chinese non-profit sports organizations. External environments should be constructed by improving the relative policies, laws and monitoring atmosphere, and cultivating the public spirits and volunteer spirits. At the same time, internal constructions should be strengthened. Chinese non-profit sports organizations should make endeavors to construct organizational culture, improve their management structure, managing mechanisms and self-discipline mechanisms, cultivate human resources, and implement international cooperation.
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