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The Stakeholder Analysis And Coordinating Management Of Chinese Professional Sport-the Demonstration Of Professional Basketball And Football

Posted on:2013-02-28Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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With more than10years development of Chinese professional sports reform, professional sports leagues have brought tremendous economic interests and social benefits, however, these cause great change in competitive sports value of interest subjects. The stakeholders scare to lose interests on the one hand; on the other hand, they are not willing to take responsibility for the risks, so as to cause frequent conflicts for the reason of diseased structure or institutional defect. Therefore, how to resolve the institutional defect, reference rational experience of sports management from America and Europe, and find a Chinese characteristics coordinating management institution among stakeholders are more innovative and creative.By the methods of criterion being combined with demonstration, and cases analysis, we use stakeholders, management, and game theory to investigate for the category of Chinese professional sports stakeholders, interest demand, way of realization, and strategic behavior. The results are as follows:(1) The article tries to use multidimensional subdivision and Mitchell's score to define and classify the thirteen stakeholders of Chinese professional sports, and get the following results. Firstly, there are different in importance, initiative, and urgency these3latitudes of Chinese professional sports stakeholders; secondly, the core stakeholders have club, sports association, and coaches; the in-between stakeholders have referees, backers, government, mass media, and audience. The brink stakeholders have company, venues and related facilities, advertisers, intervening agency, etc.(2) With the development of professional sports, every stakeholder has many interest demands, The development of professional sports needs to satisfy the demands of different stakeholders, only in this way, can it integrates and takes advantage of sports resources, so as to do all-win. (3) Game playing of interests and rights is appeared in different professional sports stakeholders, because of the different interests demand of them. Game playing will lead to the rational conflict between individual and collective. Around the conflict game playing will produce beneficial for both sides to pursue balanced solution, but it is not necessarily to be selected rationally by both sides in the reform of professional sports.(4) The management institution of America and Europe is gradually developed, and the main way of it is from up to down, and it belongs to typical coordinating management institution among stakeholders. Our country's professional sports structure is progressive reform from top to bottom which led by government, but neglect of demands of stakeholders, defect of management structure, disabled system of institution construction, etc, cause frequent conflicts among stakeholders.(5) Chinese coordinating management institution of coordinating management should firstly build and perfect related law and rule of professional sports; develop club managing structure; establish Chinese characteristic professional sports league;further deepen the association entity reform, form stakeholders cooperative supervision system with other social organizations.
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