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A Study On The Nature Of Professional Sports Clubs Governance?Internal Structure And Stakeholder

Posted on:2018-02-07Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1367330515496217Subject:Management, business management
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Taking athletics as origin,booming PSC(Professional Sports Clubs)as foundation,enterprise management as a systemic warrant,western countries such as Australia and countries in North America and Europe will make distinctive brands of PSC a basic fundamental carrier to develop professional sports so that they can get support from their governments from a series of stakeholders' governance system to promote the rationalization of the allocation among countries,governments and social sources,form professional sports organizations with PSC and unions as their cores to lead the development of national sports and sports industries.Viewing from the development situation of Chinese PSC and related literature searches,it is found that Chinese PSC set up late with weak independent operation ability,while the transformation of the way how Chinese sports will develop urges the governance mechanism of PSC dependent on social basis to motivate market being dynamic,thus China can be able to individually operate its own mechanism,create independent brands for PSC,attract more fans to participate in sports events and broaden access for the development of potentially professional athletes.Under the deepening athletic reform in China,the essay puts forward an innovatively analyzing framework:to lead a bright future for PSC by corporation governance theory.The study mainly includes seven parts in total.Firstly,it makes quantitative visualization on the analysis of PSC and literature searches on the corporation governance,and to explore edge theories,research hotspots and deficiencies of PSC.Secondly,based on the corporation governance theory,it constructs the governance mechanism for PSC.which chiefly consists of attribute definition,development history,governance pattern,governance particularity and its essentiality.Thirdly,dissecting Chinese PSC governance situation,it adopts DEA(Data Envelopment Analysis)to analyze current situation of football clubs,figuring out current development environment and contradictions while governing.Fourthly,it selects annually financial and governance data samples,240 in total,from five-year races(season 12 in 2011-season 16 in 2015)in Europe.It also builds Empirical Analysis Model from many perspectives as below:The scale and degree of independence of the Board;Stock-holding ownership and institutional investors;Fiscal performance and the viability.It therefore observes the connections among fiscal performance,the viability and effective corporation management.Fifthly,it states the fundamentality and complexity of the stakeholders' governance from the angles of systems of ball-fan culture,league business,intermediary services and its supervision and administration.Sixthly,it illustrates how two football clubs manage the relationship with different stakeholders.Last but not least,it synoptically summarizes main conclusions of the study and illustrates that theoretical analysis and empirical study are revealing to Chinese PSC governance.It finally makes a vision of its futurity.Launching the above researches,it draws following conclusions:1.Professionalism is an advanced pattern of competitive sports and one important part of modernization of Chinese sports.Moreover,it is an inevitable trend of its future development.Basic production organizations of professional sports are PSC with different projects.As a team for all PSC which faced one same target market,Professional Sports Union will governance them,thus spinning off numerous enterprises around professional sports such as news media,sports supplies manufacturing,athletic performances,intermediary services and cultural and creative industries.These indicate professionalism and effective governance of competitive sports are the main ways to carry on the reform of professional sports.2.China is a big global power as well as an undoubted large nation with enormous consumptions in sports industries.Consequently,with 1.37 billion people in China,it brings an opportunity to enlarge consumptions in PSC,related unions,leagues and commercial sponsorship.It is also facing plenty of problems:without separate functions of government from enterprises,weak fundament in business property right,weaken fundamental functions,unreasonable structures in governance ability and insufficient social sources and single external governance channels.3.Professional Sports Clubs adopt modern corporate management model.Taking sports industry and its related industries as carriers and profits as the same goal,it possesses independent legal person qualification and innovative type of organizations of property right.It can provide sports events and spinning-off products with commercial value from professional form,professionals,market brands and mass media,thus to lead a high-end organization form for professional,popular,recreational and competitive projects.Compared to other more conventional enterprises.PSC are different from them in many aspects.The dependency on each other,need to balance competitions,dual targets in both sports and business are all very important to the theoretical framework.Chinese actual situation gets closer to European pattern that regards PSC as its main governance object rather than North American pattern.4.It can increase profitable ability and viability for PSC by combining efficient corporate governance mechanism,especially in broadening the scale and independency of the Board and separating the functions of CEO and president.It is propitious to cut down the probability of being broken and promote the of enterprise performance for PSC by strengthening internal governance principles.There must come out essential mechanism to protect profits for shareholders and stakeholders,avoiding money being taken over by administrators and maximizing economic benefits for clubs as well as rewards for the society.5.For Professional Sports Clubs,it is crucial to understand and distinguish the complex net in stakeholders and their circumstances.Furthermore,it is important to know the circumstances and top-level design in all projects of administration department.Stakeholders can help organizations of stakeholders to expand the net inside,have great impact on their strategies and bring corporative relationship for their influence on PSC.6.Future China Professional Sports Clubs are supposed to borrow mature achievements from other countries in the governance of PSC form institutional club circumstances for PSC,define main subjects of governance,improve inner structure,implement supervision system and build a governance system for stakeholders.
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