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Constructing Curriculum And Theory Of Preschool Creative Education

Posted on:2002-06-28Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:A L YuanFull Text:PDF
GTID:1117360032454506Subject:Curriculum and pedagogy
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This article raises that Preschool Creativity-Oriented Education is the inevitable trend determined by knowledge-based economy that PCOE is essential need for people to realize one抯 freedom,sele-development and self-value;that it is important and urgent to begin education from infancy because of the super surplus of human brain and the decreasability in the progression of one抯 ability when growing up.Acording to the fact that a curriculum is the carrier through which the goal and the value of education can be achieved, the article thus defines the central duty of research of PCOE as the constrction of its curriculum the content of the curriculum,the impementation of the curriculum and the evaluation of the curriculum,respectively answing the questions 搘hy teach?,what to teach?,揾ow to teach攁nd how wellto teach?I, About the goal of the curriculum.The auther considers thoroughly so as to integrate the needs of children抯 development,social development and cultural development.Basing on the analysis of philosophy,psychology,social culturology and padagogy at different levels, the auther sets the general goal and domain goal of this curriculum.2, About the content of the curriculum.The article points out that the content of the old curriculum is bachward and narrow,therefore,it raises that the selection of the content should be based on 4 new concepts and 6 basic principles.The 4 new concepts refers to the concepe of whole development wich creativity as the core,the conception of society wich science,techndogy and creation as the core,the pluralistic concept of culture,and the protective concept of nature. The 6 basic principles include the principle of purposfulness, of comprehensiveness,of enlightenment,of advancement, of migration,and of scientificness. The article goes on to dwal wich the organization of the tontent of the curriculum. There used to be pairs of opposite orders of content organizing such as, the logical subject orders and the psychological order, and the latitudiral order. The article ponits out that the organization of the content should consider the unification of thoze pair~ of opposite orders. Besides, the individualization in content organizing is important as well. Accordingly, the specific requirements for content organizing are to maintain the content抯 continuity and orderliness,unity and wholicity and timeliness.3,Abont the implementation of the curriculum. The article puts ferward new requirements for the teachers invoved and the teaching environment. The teacher should establish new conceptions on their mission,on human nation,on the further develop traditional teaching abilities and skills,including the stories; of playing musical instruments, dancing,drawing,and telling stories;of offering individualized education for every child;of catering to all the children;of fixing and analysing the goal of the curriculum;of creating and making goal use of suitable teaching environment; of comunicating in depth wich the childrent; ofIllorganizing the children抯 activities; of teaching timelily;of combining teaching wich care; and of activating the parents for better synchronized education for the children at the kindergarten and at home. On the other hand, the teachers should possess new advanced and updated abilities and skills,such as the ability of doing scientific research; of applying modern educational technology; of developing the children抯 mental health; of making comprehensive teaching projects;of creating;of predicting in the teaching process;and of self-renewing. Besides, the teachers are requested to flexibly grasp such teaching methods as Activity-Teaching Method, Problem-Soving Method,Discovery Method,Situational Method,Programmed Method,and PWRE Teaching Method,and other relating teaching strategies. The teaching environment should refers to both material one and mental one. The material environment should be approriate, challenging, enlightening, various, balancing, systemative, dynamic, andeffctive; the mental environment refers to...
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