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The Research To Umpty Problems On The Diathesis Of Gym Teacher Of Physical Education Institute

Posted on:2003-05-07Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1117360092460167Subject:Physical Education and Training
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Physical education institute are the highest education institution of the sports system of China. The teacher is the most important basic of this system. As the important strength of the development of sports, physical education institute plays important action in knowledge and technology innovating. It depends on the diathesis of the teacher to advance the development level of physical education institute and train higher special person with ability. The people of physical education and decision - making department of sports have cared about the academic and practical problem for a long time that whether the diathesis of the teacher can adapt to the need of the further development of higher education .The thesis compares with the teacher of developed countries and sets forth the reason which affects the manage, judgement, system and conception of the gym teacher of physical education institute. It adopts the researching way such as studying literature, talking with experts, investigating in c[uestion-naire and analysis of theory and practice. It is based on the diathesis of teacher is the key to actualize making- education. It discusses the situation, problems and the reason on the diathesis of the gym teachers surrounding the colony diathesis of the gym teachers in China.Through the analysis of theory and practice this thesis thinks it not only depends on the diathesis of separate teacher, but also depends on the diathesis of colony teacher to train the higher sports person with ability. Only the effect of the colony teacher can accelerate the general development of the students. The gym teachers under 45 years old are only 72.97%. Compared with general higher institutes, the postgraduate teachers are fewer and fewer. It causes the lower of the colony teacher in educational level which brings examination obstacle because of feeble foundation. The proportion of the title of technical post of gym teachers colony is unbalanced, the teachers of higher title of technical post are older.By analysis it also thinks the obturation when using people formed the structure of flat roof domino- affect because of the single subject and stronger professional character. Most teachers have had the education thought which adopt to the development of higher education. But there is still much ideaistic obstacle in profundity and clear of changeover.It indicates through researching and analyzing, the consciousness of scientific research, the level of ability and devotion in energy of the gym teachers are very different from each other. Compared with the level of scientific research and the quality of achievements of middle age teachers, the youth teachers are poorer. It is the major reason that the research level of the whole of institutes is weaker and educational level is lower. The gym teacher has had the wrong cognition to specialty for a long time, which is the important factor to hinder the improvement of diathesis of colony teacher. All the institutes are absent of consciousness of continue development and have the serious trend to ' pay attention to using and neglect training' when using teachers.
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