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On Basic Curriculum Of Undergraduation In Higher Educational Institutions

Posted on:2007-02-11Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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Under the dual influence of the unceasingly subdivision of social needs to talents and the spliting up of the higher education system, the basic characteristic of undergraduate education is more and more obvious. Since 1990s, the universities of our country has conducted the reform to talents' training mode of the undergraduate curriculum, its important content includes emphasizing the importance of basic undergraduate curriculum, improving the basic curriculum teaching quality. For this reason, most universities, in order to develop, implement the curriculum of "general education". The Ministry of Education had also issued in 2001 "about Strengthens College Undergraduate course Teaching Work To improve Teaching Quality Certain Opinions", the undergraduate basic curriculum is paid more and more attention to. Under this background, it needs to be further clear: What kind of relation is "general education" curriculum and basic curriculum of undergraduate curriculum? Can the universities of our country imitate curriculum of "general education" while reforming basic curriculum of our undergraduate curriculum? How could we strengthen the actual effect of the basic curriculum reform for undergraduate? Only to thoroughly hold the property, task and function of the basic undergraduate curriculum may we design and implement them effectively. For this reason, this research is based on higher educational practice, taking personnel training of the undergraduate curriculum as the breakthrough point, using historical research, comparative study and investigations etc. to carry on the systematic discussion to the major problems of undergraduate basic curriculum.Basic curriculum of the undergraduate curriculum is a historical concept. Chapter one makes a historical study on the concept of undergraduate basic curriculum, trying to explain its intension and the intension of several relevant concepts such as "general education" curriculum and "humane education" curriculum. Thinking on this basis, the author gets the idea: Undergraduate basic curriculum appear and develop as to specialized education, aiming to train undergraduate basic qualities, such as "learning to be" and "learning to do", and laying a foundation for the specialized education.Chapter two confirms undergraduate basic curriculum mission, value orientation and the condition that value realizes. On the mission, basic curriculum of the undergraduate needs orientating as curriculums on foundation of the skill and as curriculums of overall, harmonious development of human being. The value orientation of basic undergraduate curriculum mainly has knowledge standard, social standard and student standard. At present, we need to emphasize that it offers positive impact for the university students to have a free and rich spirit, to make them be a better man and a better citizen. Through reviewing university's ordinary educational reform and history of development, we can confirm undergraduate basic curriculum need to be based on actual life and try to annotate people's free spirit and to develop their reason.This study probed into the basic curriculum goal of the undergraduate curriculum in chapter three. The aim of undergraduate basic curriculum is based on the goal of undergraduate talent raining. The different goals of talent training in different higher institution of different level and type determine undergraduate basic curriculum different nature of goal. Undergraduate basic curriculum goal is expressed in a variety , the goals of the different levels express and correspond to different orientations. "Globe purpose" orientation...
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