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Contemporary Undergraduate Sport Of Professional Talent And Professional Settings Change

Posted on:2006-10-23Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z H HeFull Text:PDF
GTID:1117360218463070Subject:Physical Education and Training
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Taking functions of professional talents, quality structure and curriculum building as a token, the research, from the point of view of talent view on major of physical education, tries to seek approaches and reasons for reforms concerning talent view and curriculum building of physical education major based on analysis on a huge number of foreign cases in this regard. Furthermore, the research analyzes factors that influence the reform. Taking the status quo of Chinese physical education institutes'talent view and curriculum building into consideration since the founding of the People's Republic of China, the research tries to disclose the starting point of talent view and reform in curriculum building of physical education major, and to put forward methods and strategies in this regard. Theoretically, the research makes up the insufficiency in researches on professional talent view and curriculum building; practically, it provides relative education management departments and institutes with theoretic support and means.The research uses the methods of documents, comparative analysis, logic analysis and case study, etc., and it falls into four categories. In the first part, the research unveils that reforms in talent view and curriculum building of physical education should meet the requirement of social development, and take forming knowledge system of physical education and setting scientific curriculum plan as a starting point. Designing of talent functions should target job area; furthermore, quality structure of talents should be presentation forms of each other. In the second part, the research points out that economic development, scientific progress, political system and cultural heritage unanimously influence and constrain reforms in talent view and curriculum building, although they are contradictory to each other. Influenced by theses factors, every country has different management systems of specialty setting and modes of reforms, which are quite different from each other. In the third part, the research puts forward that China's talent view of physical education major is in a transition period from"cultivating generalists"to"cultivating specialists with overall developments". However, the latter has problems of too single specialty orientation and vague cultivation goals, narrow knowledge coverage that lacks of normalization and science. The fact that increases in specialty orientations of physical education major within the category and ever-increasing arising of new relative physical majors outside the major shows the general trend of reform in curriculums building of Chinese physical education majors. In the fourth part, the research believes that China's physical education institutes may appropriately broaden coverage of curriculum building, activating major setting orientations, appropriately choose schedule of curriculum building; meanwhile, features of time, practicability and diversity and innovation should be embodied in the reforms.
Keywords/Search Tags:Higher Education, Physical Education Institutes, Professional Talent View, Curriculum Building for Undergraduate Education
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