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Research On The Relationship Between Middle School Students' Shame And Physical Exercise

Posted on:2007-10-28Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1117360185962202Subject:Human Movement Science
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The research of middle school students' shame has been focused on only for the past decade. However, the research of the relationship between their shame and physical exercise is a more tentative and creative one. Does the relationship between physical exercises and the feeling of shame exist? What patterns of physical exercises can have a more positive effect? Will different kinds of training environment affect differently on it? This research is based on the theory of shame and its exploratory study. It constructs the relationship model of middle school students' shame and their physical exercises, and the shame measurement scale is designed as well. Through the antecedent and consequent design, the relationship between middle school students' shame and their physical exercises, as well as their intervening variable is discovered. It also explores the psychological mechanism of middle school students' shame. This research provides scientific theory and effective ways to release middle school students' shame, so as to improve their psychological health level. The whole research consists of the following five parts.In the first part, the background, the purpose and the framework of the research, the definition, as well as the measurement of shame are generally put forward, and the characteristics of research were introduced.In the second part some research about shame are presented from both domestic and abroad. It describes the relationship between shame and psychological variables which is closely related to people's physical and psychological health. It also describes the theory related to shame and its practical research such as the psychodynamic and functionalist perspective, cognitive-attributional theories and the Object relational/attachment theories about shame. Results of the research are analyzed and some considerations on the limitations are presented.In the third part, the shame measurement scale is designed. Based on the theory research, the framework of the theory is put forward. The conceptualization was completed by the exploratory and empirical studies. First, an open questionnaire was completed by 192 middle school students. This study was aimed at investigating the psychological construction of the middle school students' shame. Based on these results, the 4 dimensions which the middle school students' shame includes are developed and examined, i.e., personality shame, behavior shame, ability shame and body shame. Secondly, from the results of the open questionnaire survey and the original version of the questionnaire preliminary scales on middle school students' shame is designed. The results from 662 middle school students were analyzed using...
Keywords/Search Tags:physical exercise, shame, middle school student, self-esteem, personality
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