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From Control To Coordination

Posted on:2007-06-21Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y M YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1117360185962472Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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Student management plays a key role in university administrative work. Of all university administrative work, to satisfy the needs of students has become the top priority. Especially when most universities have entered the critical period of student management reform, it's of utmost importance to carry out and improve student management so that the reformed mode can be adapted to the development of society and higher education, and our students can develop themselves in a more harmonious and efficient environment. Therefore, this paper seeks to explore the feasibility and practicability of student management reforms and provide further reference for the perfection of student management in university.This paper consists of five parts. The first part, which is a brief introduction to the theoretical and practical bases of this research, explores the significance of this project and establishes its logical orientation by defining the core concepts that will appear in this paper. The second part of this paper puts forward the necessity of this research through a detailed analysis of the current situation. This part looks into the history of student management in universities, the current systems and modes as well as the great challenges that we are all faced with, and tries to discuss six widely existed problems from various aspects such as its system, conception and status, etc. The third part of the paper is a feasibility report on the application of the theory of governance to student management in universities. On the basis of the background and connotation of the theory of governance, this part examines such feasibility in terms of the overall development tendency of higher education throughout the world, the improvement of university students' basic capabilities, the development of student-government, the application of government law to student management in universities, and the significance of the theory of governance applied to student management. The fourth part of the paper, which is very initiative, illustrates the new mode of student management based on the governance theory from law, democracy and mutual integration. It studies the possibility of establishing I — you...
Keywords/Search Tags:student management, governance, good governance, students self-governance, student participation
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