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Towards Good Governance:Research On Institutional Innovation Of Community Governance

Posted on:2020-10-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y X ZhouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2417330575971260Subject:Social Work
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The community is a happy home where people live and work in peace,and it is the basic platform for social governance.Since the 18th National Congress,General Secretary Xi Jinping has put forward a series of new views and new ideas on innovative social governance systems.General Secretary Xi emphasized that"let the people live a good life"as the starting point and destination for all work,and build a community governance pattern that builds and shares common governance and sharing.And...It can be seen that increasing people's happiness,sense of acquisition,and satisfaction are the first criteria to test the effectiveness of community governance.This requires that grass-roots community governance not only pay more attention to community infrastructure construction and community atmosphere construction.At the same time,we also need to innovate the concept and means of community governance,make the concept of governance new,function the means of governance,make the results of governance easy for the people,innovate the pattern of community governance,and create a more comfortable livable environment for residents.Based on the above social background,this paper takes the F comrrmunity governance situation in Hefei as an example,analyzes the transformation and application of the community governance concept and governance methods under the guidance of the theory of good governance,and introduces the community's"great co-govemance"model as a model of good governance model.It is how to gradually build a"community" with no characteristics into a"good community."In order to gain a better understanding of the development of the F community,the author conducted a three-month internship at the community integrated service center to observe the community's historical development,organizational structure,carrying function,community culture,governance model,and governance effectiveness.Combine interviews with residents and community workers,collate materials,and write copy writing.At the same time,the author refers to domestic and foreign literature,collects examples of community governance at home and abroad,and combines the F community development data collected during the practice process to collate the good governance thinking in the community's "great co-governance"governance model,and relies on the status quo of F community governance.Under the guidance of the theory of good governance,how to break the old governance model of the community and innovate the governance pattern of good governance,so as to obtain a breakthrough development of community governance process and effectiveness.Taking F community as an example,this paper explores the path of building good governance model in urban grassroots communities.The full text is divided into four parts.The first part mainly expounds the research purpose,research significance,including theoretical significance and practical significance,as well as the domestic and foreign research status of the topic content,and finally describes the main research methods of this article;The second part introduces the three ills of traditional governance-the management ideology based on officials,the management method of implementing ostrich policy,and the management culture of corruption,and leads to the new form of community governance that the community needs to manage corruption patterns.Good governance model.Based on the traditional governance model,the author compares and analyzes the basic concepts and characteristics of the good governance model and the typical examples of good governance model in China,and summarizes the trend of the reform of urban community governance system in China.The third and fourth parts are the key chapters of this article.The third part introduces the basic situation of the F community and the governance model of the"big co-govenance",extracts the good governance factors in the construction of the"big co-governance" model,and the"big co-governance"community governance model as a model of good governance model.How to implement the thinking of"good governance"in the concrete governance of the community and bring about changes for the development of the community.The fourth part,based on the F community governance,expounds the significance ofthe good governance model,analyzes the possible difficulties in promoting community governance under the social background of our country,and puts forward corresponding countermeasures against the difficulties.The author found that during the implementation of the"Great Common Governance"model in the F community,the slogan"First Good Community"was used to truly implement the concept of good governance,and its governance measures and means also highlighted the core idea of"good".Realize the diversity of governance subjects:with the community as the carrier,explore a new type of governance subject relationship between government guidance,party building leadership,social organization participation,and community residents autonomy;The means of governance highlights humanity:combining the characteristics of each area,promoting the characteristic culture of the community,and combining multimedia information technology,using intelligent governance tools,Make the community a livable platform with simple management,convenient life,safe travel,beautiful environment,harmonious neighborhood and rich culture.The model of"great co-governance"is a typical governance model,which has strong reference significance in the reform of the community governance system in China.
Keywords/Search Tags:Community governance, Good governance, "Great co-governance model", Smart community
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