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Independent Study High School Students And Teachers The Appropriate Teaching Behavior Evaluation Studies

Posted on:2003-04-05Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1117360212456605Subject:Basic Psychology
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Students in modern society are required to have many new abilities. One should possess of abilities such as corporation, communication, and learning, if he wants to adapt to society, attain his goals and fully develop himself. So in this article we are aimed to study how to promote students'Self-Regulated Learning.Many theories, Such as Operant Theory,Theory of Self-Instruction , Social Cognitive Theory, Humanist Theory, and Cognitive Constructive Theory all have their statements on Self-Regulated Learning, researchers have also developed tools to assess students'Self-Regulated Learning, and tools to assess teacher's behaviors in promoting students'Self-Regulated Learning All these theories and studies laid a sound base for our present research, which aims to:1.Find the components of students'Self-Regulated Learning and develop a assessment system accordingly;2.Find the structure of the teachers'behaviors which is proper to promote students'Self-Regulated Learning and develop a assessment system accordingly;3.Validate these teachers'assessment systems in practical studies which are designed to foster students'Self-Regulated Learning.This study uses quality as well as quantity study methods, including classroom observation, interviews, action research, performance analysis etc. And has designed educational experiments to validate the two assessment systems. These are the main characteristics of this study.Zimmerman,the spokesman of Social Cognition Theory, had suggested the framework of students'Self-Regulated Learning ability. We followed his suggestion, but we also conduct some open questionnaire and interview research. Finally a six-factor ability structure of students'Self-Regulated Learning was verified. The six factors are automatic selection of learning content, controlling of learning environment, time management, learning strategy, monitoring and adjusting of learning process, assessing and strengthening of learning results. A scale aimed to measure these factors was constructed, through pre-testing, item selection and modification, test-retest analysis, its reliability and validity were confirmed.Teachers'behaviors in classroom are very important in fostering students'Self-Regulated Learning ability, In this study we also endeavor to find a general model of effective teaching, and develop a system to assess teachers'behaviors which are proper to promote students'Self-Regulated Learning accordingly;According to theories of Zimmerman,Modern Humanism,Constructive Theory,and Multiple Intelligences, we determined the aspects of teachers'effective behaviors which promote students'Self-Regulated Learning accordingly. These aspects are:teacher-students relationship, teaching organization,...
Keywords/Search Tags:Self-Regulated Learning, teachers'behaviors in promoting Self-Regulated Learning, assessment system, questionnaire, Quantitative Research, Quality Research, "Eight Self"Principles
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