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The Prediction Of Undergraduate Students' Participation In Physical Activity During Leisure: Research Based On Psychological Control

Posted on:2008-05-23Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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The need of control has possibly become one of the human basic need throughtout the development of culture and historical process.The need of control which is a kind of psychological adjustment ability decides whether the individual could successfully improve one's surviving situation.The reseach of clinic psychology proved that the locus of control predicted the situation of body health and psychological health in an effective way, which performs better than what the ability of control did. Given that there are close relationship the locus of control and the healthy behaviors, the author predict that there must be certain relationship between the locus of control and exercise activity. In this study, based on literacy collection and analysis, the author considers body esteem as medi-variable, and construct the psychological model using the locus of control to forecast the effect of leisure sports.The reseach focused on the relationship between locus of control, leisure sports and Demographic variables throughout experimental design and instructional one way the reseach try to explore the actual effect of locus of control performing on exercise the other way the reseach analysis on the influence of leisure exercises of college students react on the locus of control.which proved the hypothesis that the leisure exercise improved the psychological health.The entire study included six parts.The first part discussed the purpose of the study and the background of the entire issue, and Expounded the reseach hypothesis.The second part reviewed respectively the definition, related theories and measure of locus of control and body esteem. The third part is to studies the tool of validity and reliability to carry on test. In this study were used internally. The influence of others and opportunities Scale (IPC), and physical self-Scale (PICC) as a measurement of locus of control and body Self-objective indicators. Stratified random sampling technique Nanjing 450 college students were tested. 407 effective questionnaires reservations, there were 90.4% efficiency. The results of exploratory factor analysis and confirmatory factor analysis, the scale for content validity and construct validity of the test. Reliability testing of scale through the half reliability and internal consistency reliability testing, results indicate that the questionnaire has higher efficiency, reliability.Part IV is to investigate the psychological control, physical self and the relationship between physical exercise. The results show :1.The university student is general acceptance also holds support manner to physical training beneficial health this viewpoint. Students engage in regular physical exercise is the basketballf aerobics, running. Exercise intensity reflects the significant gender differences. During the campaign period, we can see the students more time to campaign at 21-30 minutes, there are gender differences. The frequency of physical exercise significant gender differences. Students willing to participate in the collective scene of the exercise, women willing to participate in small groups and physical training activities, men prefer large number of groups of physical exercises. Promoting physical and mental health and enhance physical shape and mold students participating in sports is the main aim. University boys tended to the physical and mental health, social, and the pursuit of stimulating aspects tend to agree. University of girls in physical and mental health, aesthetic and social aspects of shared tendencies. Hinder physical exercise are the main factors No time, no space equipment, the lack of economic conditions and nobody guidance; subjective aspects is not interested, lazy and wrong in physical injury.2. Students physical self-significant gender differences, sports skills, physical attractiveness dimension boys were significantly higher than those of girls. In five dimensions, the feeling of self-worth no significant gender differences. Motor skill, physical attractiveness boys scores were higher than those of girls, boys reflect on their own sense of self-worth, sports skills, physical attractiveness satisfaction higher than those of girls, which may be related to physical development of male college students have entered the mature stage performance This might be related to female physical self-evaluation by the community evaluation of feedback and a comparison between students with physical self - changes in the overall grade no significant difference Only physical dimensions of the year and four other grade between showing significant differences.3. Students locus of control in terms of gender, professional, urban and rural , and other factors, no significant differences Students in locus of control on the three dimensions of the very significant differences. Low-grade students than the average high-grade pupils from the high standard deviation is high. Locus of Control in grade and professional interaction between.4. of the physical training test participatory IPC scale three dimensions were significantly related; physical exercise persistence and internal dimensions were significantly correlated with controlled dimensions and opportunities Dimensions significantly negatively correlated; physical exercise and the amount of internal dimension was significantly correlated with controlled dimensions, opportunities Dimensions significant negative correlation. This shows that the locus of control in three dimension model of the effect of different focuses. powerful dimension and opportunities of others dimension in sports training in the process obviously, and the internal dimensions of the physical training more continuity and quantity greater impact.5. Physical exercise and self-four dimensions significantly correlated. Physical self and their 4-February 2 also significantly related. Individual physical self more powerful Amateur exercise greater volume. Training of female participation in sports affected the physical dimensions of attractiveness and physical dimensions, male amateur sports training dimensions of the movement skills and physical dimensions;6. Internal control and physical self and its four dimensions are significantly correlated. He physical self-control and physical attractiveness, sports skills were significantly negatively correlated. Machine control and physical self and its four dimensions also showed a negative correlation. He controls and machine control are also relevant. Students locus of control and physical self-related. Individual internal dimensions of the body, the various dimensions of self-higher score, and influence others dimension, Dimensions and opportunities for physical self was negatively correlated.7. Control and Physical Training level of participation is significantly related to the dumping of control within the higher level, Individual Amateur exercise greater volume and physical training activities and lasting cognitive effects are better; Source control by powerful others, Dimensions of opportunity is the right individual choices and energy expenditure significantly negatively correlated to the physical training Persistent not significantly correlated;8. Internal control sources, physical self, on the importance of physical exercise perception of physical exercise is between or indirect effect. Internal control sources, physical self, the importance of physical exercise perception, three combined than any one of which alone can predict the amount of physical activity and results.9. physical self, locus of control on the level of physical training activities in the forecast through the completion of two ways. In the case of locus of control variables in the forecast means a, Locus of Control of the amount of physical exercise has a significant positive effect on the role of physical exercise lasting effects of projected general, Physical Training on the cognitive effects was not significant. In self-involved physical variables predicted two ways, physical exercise self-sports participation has had a significant positive effect, Locus of Control to participate in physical exercise also has a significant positive effect on the role. When the physical self as an intermediary forecast variable physical training effect, Locus of Control for sports participation in the exercise has a very significant role, Physical Training on the durability to a certain extent, the positive effects of role. Physical Training on the cognitive effects of a very significant role, the positive effects.Part V inspected various sports training scenarios students locus of control on the effects of physical training effect. The results showed :1.The various physical self-dimension, that is, physical self-worth, exercise capacity, physical condition, physical attractiveness and physical dimensions such intervention can make dimensions level change. 2.Different locus of control were tested in the experimental intervention showed a different level of physical self-variances particularly internally by self-examination of the body dimensions of the most notable changes.3. different training methods on college students were self-examination of the body a difference. Basketball training in physical self has shown a clear impact aerobics followed, Alley individual right of self-physical weakest.4. Different sports training projects on the impact of physical self-existence of gender differences. Basketball training with the male college students of physical self-affect performance significantly, Aerobics and training for female students physical self-affect performance significantly, jogging exercise showed no gender differences.5.Changes in physical self, tempering effect, the male and female students demonstrated gender differences.The sixth part has carried on the summary to entire study, and address emerging research issues, to explore the locus of control, physical exercise and self-study of the effect of further research concept Locus of Control for Physical Training and the model laid a sound research base.
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