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Research On The Structural Broken Of Chinese Society And The Target Pattern Of Chinese Sport Industry's Development

Posted on:2007-10-08Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1117360218462814Subject:Humanities and sociology
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From the view of industrial structure level in industry economics, we analyze the affection to Chinese sport industry caused by the structural broken of Chinese society. Under the scientific development concept of humanism, harmony and sustainable development, we advance a target pattern and conclude as follows:1. The economic level, social status, life mode and value conceptions of all people in the society display evident era difference, which give rise to the different subjective and objective conditions for sport activities between people from different era part. On objective aspect, there are great differences on the material and technical conditions, production and life mode which are available for people from different era part. Frequently focused on subjective aspect, it leads to the different sport demands and value.2. Not until the structural broken of society between urban and rural thoroughly removes, the countryside in China is fit for the development of modern sport. It depends not on the sport itself, but essentially on the industrialization and urbanization in China.3. Accompany with the improvement on life standard and the changes of value concept of the Chinese citizens, sport demands shall increase and varied as a kind of demand for human's entertainment and development. As a result, Chinese sport industry ought to be keeping with this trend through enhancing the functions of Chinese sport industry for all citizens.4. In the traditional planned economy system, one basic character of Chinese overtaking development strategy is to put the importance of investment on elite sport industry for the aim of increasing Chinese prestige. It leads to the abnormal sport structure in which the proportion of elite sport industry is much bigger than it of mass sport industry. In consequence, Chinese sport industry form a great capacity in half century time, yet in lack of the function of'sport for all'.5. According to the special quality of Chinese social structure changes and the present situation of Chinese sport industry, we advance a target pattern: First, the basic target of sport structure adjustment is to overcome the industry functional obstruction to fit the increasing sport demands for entertainment, fitness, perfecting body and mind etc. Second, the basic developing pattern of Chinese sport industry should take the'top-to-bottom'way combined with the'bottom-to-top'way, that is by spreading and educating from up to foster the sport demands developing the industry from below. Third, construct a new system similar to the western'market, government and non-profit organizations'system. Forth, the new system requires changing the function of Chinese sport administrative department to provide the pure public goods, such as building up the new sport value conceptions, following by the law of market and the social varied sport demands.
Keywords/Search Tags:structural broken of society, development of sport industry, target pattern
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