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Study On The Development Of Golf Facility In P. R. China

Posted on:2007-05-19Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y Y ZhengFull Text:PDF
GTID:1117360218962829Subject:Humanities and sociology
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Golf facility is the basis of golf sport and golf industry. The development of golf facility in China is arguable. This dissertation analyzed the present situation of golf facility, the demand for and the supply of golf facility, and the main problems in golf facility's development. Then basing on the analysis, some suggestions will be put forward. The main conclusions are listed below:1. By the end of 2003, there were almost 200 golf facilities and more than 200 golf courses in China. The geographical distribution of golf courses and the economic development level of different districts were positive related. However, the participation rate of golf was low resulting from the difficult and expensive golf courses and lack of public courses.2. The development of golf facility depends on the demand for and the supply of golf facility. The moving of the demand curve and supply curve will change the equilibrium price and quantity.3. The demand elasticity of golf facility is relatively high and the demand for it in China is of great potentialities. However, at present the structure of demand and supply are not consistent with each other. The inconsistency hindered the development of golf industry. Therefore, the market forces must be emphasized and only the market mechanism can fully act, the demand for and supply of golf facility can tend to equilibrium.4. At present, private investments provide almost all of the golf facility. The main factors influencing the supply of golf facility include the building and operating costs of golf facility, the natural resources limit and the policy of developing golf facility.5. The high building and operating costs of golf facilities mainly resulted from improper target market and sites, the relatively low management capability, the unsatisfactory condition of golf facility design and construction market, the high percentage of grass seeds and golf course machinery import and the high operating tax rate etc. The decrease of building and operating costs are of great possibility, which will promote the development of golf facility.6. At present, golf facilities generally take up much land and some golf facilities occupied the agricultural land. In fact, compared with infertile soil, arable land is not suitable for golf courses. Therefore, golf facility should be built mainly on unutilized land.7. The development of golf facility will produce both positive and negative external effects, which makes the government management necessary.8. The essential prerequisite of the healthy and sustainable development of golf facility is to view golf sport correctly, to treat it as a kind of sport. Then based on the right understanding, the market mechanism, government, industry association and golf facility itself will act together to promote the development of golf facility.
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