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The Study On The Relationship Between University Culture And Students' Development

Posted on:2007-08-13Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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"Culture"is a very abstract and complicated concept. As a multidimensional organic integrity, culture includes aspects such as knowledge, faith, art, morality,law,customs,traditions and all the relevant capabilities and habitual behaviors that construct a socialized human being."University Culture"is an indispensible component of"Culture". It entails the integration of ways of behaviors, values, thinking patterns, aesthetic tastes, morality and ethics, religious emotions and nationality characters formed, existed, developed, and displayed by those social groups in the institutions of higher education. Such a definition is based on the understanding of University as an essential integrity of both"People"and"Culture".University Education is a process of culture inheritance, adaption, criticism, choice and creation. Based on this assumption, it can be argued that although universities are oriented to conduct research to discover the unknown and serve communities, they are ultimately to educate people. Therefore the study on university culture and its construction is ultimately the study of student development.The paper maintains that the analysis and study of the concepts of"Campus Culture"and"Student Development"from the perspective of the connotation of"University Culture"wil benefit the innovation of University Education, shape university spirit, and promote the integration of scientific education and humanist education to ensure the free and overall growth of university students.The development of University Culture will facilitate the construction of disciplines of higher education: The study broadens the vision of higher education researchers, and it will especially accelerate the theoretical development of the disciplines of culture study, morality, as well as pedagogy in the universities.This paper points that the relationship between university culture and student development is in itself a functionally bilateral one; in other words, they are not of the unilateral relationship of"influencing"or"being influenced"or"restraining"or"being restrained"; instead they are interactive, inter-regulative and coexistent.The understanding of the correlation between university culture and student development helps us to probe into issues of how to create and develop university cultures and what kind of culture is needed to maximize student development. Taking all the aforementional factors into consideration,this paper aims to provide a new interpretation on the connotation and types of"University Culture"This paper, based on the reviews of relevant literature, explain the definition of"University Culture"from a new perspective by focusing on the properties of human beings, and their social groups and organization. Meanwhile it stresses the importance of the history and associated values of university culture as well as the two forms of existence and development, namely its conception and relationship;Meanwhile, this paper critiques the limitation of the previous classification of University Culture, pointing out that the dialectical unity of"regulation-oriented"and"purpose-oriented"can be the basic criterion to judge the reliability and reasonability of such classification.The paper also divides"University Culture"into two categories, one being spontaneous and the other conscious. For the sake of better analysis, the two categories can be subdivided into 4 categories: Traditionally Spiritual Culture, Disciplinary Culture, University Heritage Culture and Campus Culture.By taking into consideration the spiritual and ideological guiding functions, as well as the norms of the ideal personalities that construct University Culture, the Paper analyses the impact of University Culture on student development from a great variety of perspectives. Another important view of this paper is that the"Traditional"spiritual faith manifested in University Culture and the"personalities of a man of university"it upholds are of two leading factors for university students to form a healthy personality and make better their inner spiritual world.The"Spiritual Atmosphere"created by the disciplinary culture is strongly characterized by"Academic Studies"and will guide the students into understanding and forming the spirit of Academic Research, enabling them to have a firm knowledge foundation of rules and regulations of academic research and a healthy and correct ethic value and personality towards scientific studies. The"Teaching-and-Learning Atmosphere"built up by University Heritage Culture is strongly flavored by"Management"and has direct and indirect effects on the building up of students'values and ideal personalities. Furthermore, University Culture plays as well a pivotal role in shaping and cultivating students'rational attitude towards life, correct philosophy, sense of responsibility, and a good University Culture directly leads to a good morality education of a university. In the study, the author discuss respectively the roles which university culture play in leading student character development, guiding their value orientation and helping them with their behavior. It claims that the construction and development of university culture should be based on and for the student development.Culture construction and student development should be scientifically regarded as a dynamic relation in which Culture Construction and Student Development exert mutual effects on each other. Furthermore, it probes into issues of how to create and develop University culture and what kind of culture is needed to maximize student develop.In answering the question"What can be the ideal mode of the construction of University Culture?"The author probes into the theoretical issues concerning the existence and development of the University Culture, expounding on its direct and indirect influences on student development and summarizing the features of such influence. Finally, the"humanistic- ecosystem"is put forward for constructing university culture. The system shows its characteristics of being systematically integrative and ecologically interactive, which will guide university activities to cultivate students'outlooks for their development.
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