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Our National Institutions Personnel Training Mode

Posted on:2011-11-20Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:S Z SongFull Text:PDF
GTID:1117360308480688Subject:Minority areas of public administration
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Colleges for nationalities are established by the Party and our country to solve the domestic ethical issues, mainly for training cadres and specialized personnel from among ethnic minority groups. Currently there're 15 colleges for nationalities in separate areas in China, which play a significant role in training backbone and core force talents for social-economy development of national areas.Training pattern determines the quality of talents, and is crucial for the development of colleges for nationalities and ethnic higher education, and is also important for compatibility of the capabilities of talents with the needs of social-economy development for the national areas and even the country. Training pattern of talents in colleges for nationalities is the structural framework and operation system formed by many elements during the training process to achieve the training objectives under the guidance of particular education philosophies and theories, which is based on the training objectives and quality standards of our country and the regional areas and in accordance with the needs of the country and national regions. Nowadays, colleges for nationalities have set up a Chinese own training pattern of talents which is effective for ethnic minorities and minority areas after 60 years of exploration and practice, and need to do readjustment, consolidation, filling out and improvement continuously with the economic, social, and cultural development of the country and minority areas.This thesis studies the training pattern of talents in colleges for nationalities from two layers of theory and practice. In theory, it digs into the training objectives, systems, process and evaluation, makes an in-depth analysis of the training types, characteristics and principles, compares the similarities and differences of training patterns between colleges for nationalities and general colleges, which help us understand the essence and law of the training pattern of talents in colleges for nationalities. In practice, it studies the development path, comparative advantages, characteristics, experiences and achievements of the training pattern of talents, compares the reformation of the training systems among 15 colleges. And it proposes that colleges for nationalities should adhere to the concept of serving for ethnic minorities and minority areas, keep students in a dominant position, and adopt a series of comprehensive measures, including policy support increasing, training ideas change, system improvement, process perfection, feedback and evaluation mechanism enhancement and so on. It also encourages colleges for nationalities to establish innovative training patterns of talents and bring up more applied and compound talents for our country and national areas. Moreover, it offers the decision basis for the Ministry of Education and State Ethnic Affairs Commission to make training policies and plans for colleges for nationalities, and provides the theoretic basis and practical reference for the training pattern of innovative talents to the colleges of nationalities.
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