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Research On Pattern Of Training Talents Of Agriculture Science For Undergraduates At Research Agricultural University

Posted on:2007-03-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:P X WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360185495337Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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Research university is a kind of university that is evolved from higher education when a country's science and technology is highly developed. The Pattern of Training Talents is a key problem in "what kind of talents to cultivate" and "how to cultivate qualified talents." Agricultural science, as a traditional advantageous discipline, it is necessary to reform the Pattern of Training Talents and improve education quality so as to cultivate top-notch innovative personnel, which meets the requirements for adapting to the development of times and constructing research university.Following the law of higher education and talents cultivation, this thesis first introduces the requirements for fostering talents and the problems existing in the cultivation of undergraduates in agricultural science. Then, under the guidance of Marxist theory on the well-rounded development of human being, this thesis studies the basic characteristics of agricultural talents with higher education, modernization and research university as its background, constructs the model for undergraduates cultivation in research agricultural universities and puts forward some practical suggestions, using some related theories in higher education and education management and some research methods such as comparison, literature and investigation.This thesis mainly focuses on the characteristics and tendency of undergraduates education and its revelation about undergraduates cultivation in agricultural science in china through the study of undergraduates cultivation in agricultural science of some research universities in America and Europe. Meanwhile, it points out the objectives and principles of undergraduate talent type and constructing model of talents cultivation in research universities, as well as the model for cultivating many creative versatile, qualified and highly-educated talents with solid professional foundation. In addition, this thesis provides explanation for the knowledge, competence and quality of talents.The Pattern of Training Talents in research university can be realized through a combination of means -discipline and major adjustment, systems of course, teaching in practice, knowledge and skills, learning techniques, and teaching management as well as operation mechanism.This thesis finally comes up with some suggestions as to how to effectively put the Pattern of Training Talents into practice from the aspects of transforming educational thoughts, reforming teaching methods and training students' research ability and sharing high-quality educational resources.
Keywords/Search Tags:Research Agricultural University, Agriculture, Undergraduate Education, Pattern of Training Talents
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