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Development And Rresearch Of Advantageous Industries

Posted on:2007-03-02Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1119360212460181Subject:International trade
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Nowadays, the competition of the advantageous industries has already become focal point cnd core of economic competition of countries all over the world.The advantageous industries's competition theory is a kind of sublimation and development of the"comparative interests"rule in international trade. The fact after World War 2 shows:Developing countries participatr in international trade. The fact by"comparative interests"rule, developing national economy, this can only be a kind of"catch up with". It will make the economy of developing countriees lag behind the developed country forever. Only erlying on"industry's advantage"to participate in international trade and international competition, coule make the economy of our country realize leap-type"exceeding catching".Aduantageous industries are those that have strong competitive advantages in the market, that could gain higher added-vale, that can retain capital and that have powerful influence to local and intercational economies. Therefore, strengthens to the advantageous industries research, regarding enhances the overall horizontal and the comprehensive national strength of our country economy development, has the extremely significant significance. How was this article studying develop the advantageous industries to propose four impoutant viewpoints and commented the completely elaboration.The first is the power mechanism which the advantageou industries forms. It includes four adpects factors: 1, demand power ; 2, supplies power 3, division of labor power; 4, technical power.The second is the choice and judgment datum of the advantageous industries. According to the datum importance, may divide into two big kinds. A kind of datum has competitive power datum, the industrial vitality cycle datum, the productive forces rise datum and the elasticity of demand datum. Two kind of dats have the industrial associate degree datum, the economy development phase datum, the industrial concentration degree datum.The third is the advantageous industries cultivation. According to the domestic and foedign advantageous industries cultivation and the growth practice, this article the advantageous industries cultivation pattern induction is three big kinds. Namely: Technical innovation pattern; The industry gathers the pattern; Industrial conformity...
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